The Pain

I was lying on my bed thinking about you and what we been through. All the good times we had, all the things that made you sad, all the things I should’ve said. But suddenly a voice inside of me said ” Look at yourself, hung up like clothes on a washing line. Get that girl out of your mind “. I really should move on I know but, I just can’t let you go. I can’t stand seeing you with another man, but like Usher I got to “Let it Burn”. They say love is blind but with you, we brought vision and made it one of a kind.

My inner voice burst in laughter and said ” It’s funny how you act all sad when all you ever wanted to do was get her in bed”. Yep that’s true but in time the love I never had for her grew. ” Ahhh how sweet, talking about love when you guys didn’t even meet” it said. SHUT UP!! I shouted. Why you always got to pop up. I didn’t ask for you advise plus the love I got for that girl has no price. “You can never shut me up, the only time I’ll be silent is when your time to live is up”. I reached for the drawer and pulled out a knife as  I was ready to take away my life. 

“You want to take your life all because of love that was based on a lie?”. I put the knife down, tears runnin down my cheeks as I was ready to drown in my sorrows.

“She didn’t deserve to be with a guy like you, I know you don’t believe me but it’s true.”


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