If Only I Knew

I remember back when I met her. Her beauty shined from a far and my vision was blurred. She said ‘Hi’ in the back of my mind I responded but nothing came outta my mouth. All I saw was me on her body going south. I was stut-stut-stuttering, she smiled at me and said ‘I shouldn’t say anything’. I wanted to see more of that. I woulda liked it if we had those lil chats. Too bad I was leaving that day. And I wouldn’t get a chance to see that lady. 

Next time I saw her we talked alot. Shared a lil laugh, exchanged a few touches. Till I felt I needed to make a move. She pushed me back and told me that she’s taken. My heart was shaken. Felt like a sculp running through my heart. She was truly one in a billion, I’ll marry her for millions. But that couldn’t be not at that time thou.

She left me sitting on the front door. Burnin up feeling like I could lie on the floor. I let it slide coz I knew she was gone be mine. We met up a few months later. Saw again the great work of my creator. Had a chat we forever been friends. Finally exchanged tenz.From being friends on Facebook to Mxit chats then into Whatsapp chats. From SMS’es to calls and fell madly inlove.

We met as a couple for the first time. Oh what a bliss, never felt so much love. Lips came into contact and I tasted heaven. Everything was kool until silly lame excuses came. ”I’m busy”, “I’m with my parents can’t talk. Like all  that ever stopped her before. 

Then I realised:

The chats, calls and sms’es where just an act she pulled all together. A good actor she was. Had me fooled that she loved me. I only found out that she was the slickest chick in the club pickin up all the guys with the money and cars. Now she left with 3 kids different fathers.

Too bad pussy don’t buy you love sweetheart. If only I knew you never loved me.


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