I Got Hurt

You know sometimes it’s all fun when a person is busy running around in a relationship. I had this woman a thought would be the one for me. me and her have been friends for quite a while(Like they say the perfect person to have a relationship with is the one you constantly leave in the friend zone.) Anyway, I just thought that me and her are going to have a good thing going, since well we know each other and there is no new beginning. We fell in love madly we clicked when I proposed. But I shouldn’t have done that I suppose. I had the hots for  a sister I wasn’t even sure that she was feeling the same. Know texts and calls were just on a different game, something I never had before, compared to the one’s I had it wasn’t the same. We used to meet up at our secret place just so people didn’t know about our business. I used to think that having a relationship where people don’t know about you was great. Until I realised that what we had wasn’t going to last. I have recently picked up new information on the girl so leaving her is a must. I was recently approached by a guy claiming I leave his girlfriend alone. But I couldn’t believe him because she said I’m her one and only , c’mon. Little did I know that we were meeting in secret places just so that her boyfriend wouldn’t find us in the act.  I couldn’t believe that this sh?t was coming from a girl I macked. How could it be that the one I thought I had my whole life to broke my heart. All because she never loved me it was just lust. I mean I just thought she was my last. We met and at that very moment I felt like I should just burst, into tears cause I had dreams for the upcoming years. I looked her in the eyes with a huge smile on my face and tears running down my cheeks and said, ” Life is about falling down, when you get up look back smile and move on. This is my fall but hey, what goes around comes around. I love you too.” I was taught to never raise up my hand to a woman, all you have do is strike her with razor words that will cut deep in her heart.


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