Think About It

You know sometimes in life we are phased by a person’s appearance not knowing what they are hiding deep down in their hearts. Whether they are just people that are going to break your heart or the ones you will cherish forever. Whether they are hiding secrets about their past (which we often don’t wanna talk about) or they are people that are not meant for us. We see them in our everyday lives, people that can capture you eyes but will they capture your heart. Are they so valuable that you are constantly willing to give up a relationship you worked so hard for. You get some of those people that after you meet them you just wanna end the relationship with the one you have at the moment. All because they bring out the best in you. They bring out that other side of you that you haven’t seen. Make you get an extraordinary feeling. Give you a feeling that you haven’t felt before. They just always keep you happy. But the question remains:


Are you willing to let your loved one go all because of new love? Somebody that you might not see again. Somebody you just met. A person you think you can’t live without all because they make you whole.


Before you end up miserable and in pure heartbreak, think about what I just said. Use it or don’t use it the choice is yours. Make the right one.


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