It Could Have Been Worse

I saw you walking by in the mall. You captured my heart by how confidence got you walking tall. I turned my head admiring beauty I snapped when I was about to fall. I guess that’s how you fall for a woman. I don’t believe in love at first sight. But from a far I could tell that having you in my life would make my future bright. Almost immediately I wanted to shout your name. The only catch was I never got it. My friends laughed at me when I fell, almost had you to blame. You were looking at me with a smile and I knew what I felt, you too felt it.

I quickly got up and approached you. Standing by you with nothing to say made me look like a fool. I didn’t know what to do nor say. You just looked at me like saying something was child’s play. Your friends looking at me kind of strange. I said “Hey how are you?” you smiled at me and told me who you are. By then I could tell that me and you are going far. We clicked on our first conversation and in my head were demonstrations. Of what I can or will do to you when I get a chance. You left immediately saying you are im a rush. I was relieved because I couldn’t say much.

Oh man I was lovestruck. Cupid didn’t shoot me with an arrow but a truck. GOD blessed this child with beauty that every man can see. But chose me as His child to be her ‘Husband To Be’. They say good things come to those who wait. I have been single for a while and I guess my offering is on this plate. Had a hard time sleeping at night coz it’s only you I could think of. You name replayed in my mind as I could see your smile. “Palesa,Palesa, Palesa” is all I could hear. And all I wanted was you right here, next to me as I lay. I know this is meant to be as I kneeled and I pray.

I was leaving Bloemfontein for home in a private transport. It was already late as I had to wait for my ride to come from work. One red light I was looking around. I saw a girl approaching and asked myself what she was all about. As she came closer I knew I have seen such an angelic body before. It was her but I didn’t want her anymore, not just after what I saw. She was part of the Pick n Pay association. Women who sell their bodies for money because they don’t get love and affection.

I looked at her in disgust and I knew she was a woman I couldn’t trust. She looked at me and recognized your boy. By her looks she knew I wasn’t a toy. Green Light and we left.

Bowed my head thanked GOD and said “It could have been worse”.


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