Have You Ever?

Have you ever had that one person that keeps you going? One that’s constantly there to help you up when you keep falling. Have you ever had a person that makes you feel like there is no other for you in the world? One that you can rely on whenever something goes wrong?

I have that kind of person. One that lights up my mood, man she a blessing. No matter how many times we fight. At the end of the day all she brings to my life is light. We have been through a lot together. But still we made it through the stormy weather. I still believe we are going to make our love better.

Let me not go deep in detail. But what I want you to remember is that, you can lose the one you love in a split second in not more than many words. When you have a person who is willing to go through great lengths just to be with you, hold on to that person and make sure you don’t let go.


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