I Just Had To

They say the heart sees what is blind to the eye. To tell you the truth when my heart fell for you it was blind. We went from talking on a day to day basis. To having more arguments than they have during court cases. Used to call you my one and only because you were the only one. But right now I’m pulling away because I’m done.

I always thought we were going to be together forever. But now it’s never. Remember how you used to call me ‘Hun’ and we had a lot of fun? no one will ever come close to what I gave to you, NONE!!! Reason you don’t last in your relationships is because you are attention driven and you never appreciate what you are given. But then again sweetheart I’m not one to hold grudges so you a forgiven.

Our every day phone calls turned in to fights. A lot of tears, pain and endless nights. I loved you once but now I can’t look at you the same. Oh yes!!! You know who we have to blame. You left me with nothing but shame. I never wanted to leave you but you left me no choice. I can no longer let you play with my feelings like they are toys.

I never really believed that ‘ He’s just my friend’ stories because they were all lies. I mean how could you possibly play someone who loves you like I do, do you think that’s wise? The number one spot is yours ‘ Bad Bitch of The Year’, you can come claim the prize. I have been hurt before but what you did and still is doing to me kills me everytime. You were my beautiful dime who stole my heart yes you commited a crime.

I don’t want to be the one to dump you coz I might just return. I just hope that this lesson you will learn, otherwise you are going to burn. Saying ‘it’s over’ won’t break you because you are used to it. So all I’m going to say is this:

I hope your relationships never work out. I’m not one to wish bad things to people but that’s what I want no doubt. I wish you never find happiness. I just wish in your love life you get to settle for less. Saying “I Hate You” would be an understatement. I just wish you get hit by a speeding Truck and that from the bottom of my heart I really meant.


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