I wake up and go through your pics just to look at the art that He has made. Smile alone knowing that I have you to myself. Somedays I just want to be with you so bad but the distance between us is really killing shxt.

Your random acts these past few days have shed some light in what our future may come to, which is nothing since the end of the road is near. Me and you are hitting a dead end, not that I want to. But because “I said I will support everything you say”. Right now you don’t even need to say it, I SEE IT. You ouchea pouring your heart out for another man and you tell me he’s just a friend and my shoulder to cry on in bad times… Let me tell you something real quick, a shoulder to cry on becomes a dick to ride on at a later stage. Not that I’m worried thou.

I have seen all the signs that show that there’s a dead end ahead, i’m not going to say anything. You will decide what happens, whether you go and hit it or whether you stop, think and go back to take the right way is up to you. Nna up to so far I’m good, I have seen everything some things I wanted to see and some you showed me.

I’m headed for the drop-off. That dead-end is what I’m hitting. And oh my magic words come as beautiful as the sun on this joyful Sunday… I SEE EVERYTHING!!


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