This Is Pure Bliss

It was one summer morning when I was walking back from town when I saw her. She had on blue jeans, a pupe t-shirt and a fited cap, I used to call her that “Hip Hop Girl” . Immediately afer our eyes clicked we smiled at each other, what is funn is that me and her had feelings for each other but nobodyreally knew the approach since we we both taken. Our conversations were a simple “Hello.” & “How you doing”, they never really went past that. I guess it’s because I never know what to say to her after that and I guess she had that same problem too. My friends used to tell me that the girl was made for a guy like me, I laughed at them because they have said that already. Her friends used to put me in the spotlight and ask me what the hell I was waiting for the girl loves me already. I thought of all the things people said about us and all the signs that were pointing in that direction and said to myself, “Why not do it?”

 A few months passed the relationship I was in didn’t work and I was single again and turns out that was the same time she still was single, coincidence? I think not. So I gathered all the courage and power to help me get this girl because you know how tey can be, she can love you and still go “I’m sorry but I’m taken”. Do all the things to push you away and at that moment when you give up they feel bad that they should’ve taken you and by that time it’s when you already found someone else. Anyway enough of the drama talk and back to the “Lady of style”. I was walkin to te store and had her in my mind all the time making up the perfect conversation like:

“Hey how are you? I’m good and you? I’m stundee. Did you grow up in a farm because you sure know how to raise cocks”

I was laughing at myself while talking to myself and then I realised that it’s either I’m one silly guy or one stupid one. While I was busy drawing up the conversation and having all those fantasies I walked ino the store nd BOOOM!!!!!!! There she was looking as beautiful as ever, I literally had a jawdrop and poured out some glycerine in the mix when I realised that she was headed straight in my direction, I walke up to her happily, gave her a tight hug told her I love her and she said it too we kissed and everybody in the store started clapping and throwing flower paddles at us… LMAO just kidding this is what actually happened:

 I froze, my blood rushed and my heart started beating fast, I could actually feel the heating on my heart on my throat and started feeling that my palms were sweaty. I tried to act cool even though deep down I wasn’t. She walked up to me and we started talking “Hey how you?” those first lines were what I had in mind, then she said “Chiz I can’t stop thinking about you and the mor I see you the more I feel awful that I’m not dating you” Now that wasn’t part of the plan I was there all froze up like a manikin with nothing to say, “I wouldn’t feel bad if ou told me that you don’t feel the same but I just want you to know that I love you” Now that I was expecting. So I just held her hand and said “I know how you feel too bad the feeling is not mutual” LIKE HELL I SAID THAT!! LOL this is wha I actually said “I been waiting for this to happen fo a while now and I had in mind that I’ma tell you how I feel too. I love you more” and we walked out th store forgot that I was going to buy something and we dated.

That is so sweet but to tell the truth it’s just what I would like to happen to me, a girl that would approach me and tell me she love me. Because guys go through a lot of rejection to get a girl, and these ladies don’t even feel bad about it. I just thought I would drop something out here phela it’s been a while. hope ou enjoyed my Fairytale and Thank You for reading


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