Met Her The Other Day

I met my ex the other day bruh. I didn’t wanna talk but my mind was like nah (talk it’s been a while and you can see she wanna talk to ya through her smile.) She didn’t look good at all. From reigning Queen boy she had a hard fall. She left me for someone that beats her up. And all she says is “Ah ho tla loka ke shap”. Ever looked somebody in the eyes and felt their pain. God’s beautiful creation was treated like a slave. She wears scarfs and long sleeves on a hot day. Just so she could hide all the bruises away. I took her shades off and wanted to see her eyes. And what she was hiding behind them was lies. How does one stay faithful in an abusive relationship? Her so called “boyfriend” cheats and it’s all good. She can’t leave him because she think that she is loved. Know talking to her about these issues I felt buzzed, irritated, aggravated and all that. Tears ran down what once was a beautiful skin. Her face bruised from her eyes to her chin. What kind of monster does this to a woman? I guess one that was never raised by one.

I found a spot where we can sit and talk. She didn’t want that, she prefered to walk. I asked her what went wrong, coz when she left me their love seemed so strong. She said everything was good until she left me. The guy promised heaven on earth, promised to stick with her until death. She thought she found the one. But now she wishes that she could find a way to run. I know back then I wanted her to never have a successful relationship but this is not what I had in mind. The way her eyes get beaten up every day this girl is close to being blind. She regrets having to leave me but we can’t turn back the hands of time. This new guy of hers made a rock out of a beautiful dime. I asked her how she stands all this suffering?, she said “Chriz I love him a lot and I can’t leave him incase you wondering.”

How can a girl so beautiful live in fear when she can have a life that’s wonderful. I was hurt more than her to see her in that state. Even if I try to be a hero & rescue her it’s way too late. It’s crazy & funny what people can do for love. Before I left her I told her she should pray to the man above. Pray for peace, love & some strength. The direction to success & wealth. So that at one point she sees that she never needed a fool. All she really wanted was a caring man who supports you in everything, even school.

Wherever she at at this moment I hope she is ayt. The way this guy is treating her comes to prove how guys can be cowards. You are provided with a beautiful woman who cares for you and treats you well and the way you repay her is by making her your punching bag? So what you don’t have the energy to fight someone your own size? You scared guys will beat the living hell out of you so you hit a woman? Nc Nc Nc Nc *shakes head*.

“Real Men Don’t Rape & Real Men Don’t Raise Their Hands On Their Women”

God give those women who are facing this kind of issue the strength to overcome the monster they are facing. And God bless those guys that don’t lay a hand on women, the world needs more guys like you.

“No one man should have all that power. You put your hands on a woman, are you a coward?
Lady that’s not your shame, that there is ours. When Mandela dies, who gone really care about us”
– Tumi – (P)eople (O)pposing (W)omen (A)buse [POWA]

I Am Chriztopher Raymond.


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