R – 57 (Highway To Heilbron)

Pitbuls InOh-Cents, D.I.G, Silly – X and of course myself Chriz Raymond came together and did a song called R – 57 (Highway To Heilbron). This track is just one of those dedication types of tracks. We basically just asking for the R – 57 (the route that goes from Vandas through Heilbron, Petrus Steyn & Reitz to Phuthaditjhaba) to take us home safely.

I wrote this post just to share what I said with y’all. My verse is as simple as asking for you to go home and arrive safely without coming across an accident just so you can enjoy the Festive Season with your family, loved ones and Friends.

My Verse goes:

R57 please take me home. I know you good with wrong turn’s but let them be gone. Let them be gone. Please let them be gone.I just wanna hit the Pave and have a good time. Maybe then I’ll find a dime, or someone to climb. Take home for the night with no fights. Turn off the lights then it’s bedtime. Grind, grind like it’s overtime. Hit laangdam and get turned up. Sippin on purp in some double cups. Big Ben’s crib for some chilled vibes. Then we outta there you know what it is. Ain’ no place like my hometown. Coz everytime i’m there I know it’s going down. We quick to stab if you got a big mouth. That’s where I’m from, that’s what we about. But then again ke shapa stena. and these other lames haba tlong tena.


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