Truth Hurts & Lies Heal

Truth Hurts Lies Heal

I guess that’s the reason you made me fall for you. Now I’m starting to question my eyes like “What the fuck did I see in you?”. I know, I know you gone shed a tear every now and then when I speak the truth. Because the pain is just way yoo much to handle like an aching tooth. I made mistakes in life and you the best memory yet. To really think that you loved me, is my blindness really that bad. So tell me how do you do it. I mean you the best pretender tha I’ve ever met, meaning you’ve been through this.

I find myself laying in bed laughing at hiw quick you were to sweep me off my feet. Imagining that we will be having dates and I would be pulling your seat. Order whatever you want because we were there to eat. I’m glad it never got to that. Besides I just wanted to get you in bed. But in the process I was possesed by this thing called love. But then I got past all that and now it’s in the past. You had me fooled. Damn I been schooled. So all this time you were pretending to love me when I was just another shoulder to cry on. But I’m not mad at that I mean I don’t have a car but I gave you this dick to ride on. You said you loved me and I believed you. Ah!! How dumb of me to be inlove with you. Remember the time I found you all wasted at the club. All them guys on ya like a pack of wolves and I defended you like a lion to a cub? They say a drunk tongue always tells the truth. You told me how much you loved me and I went and recorded a song in the booth. Just to think you acted all shy when we were together and I thought you were overwhelmed to be around me. But that wasn’t the case it was all because we went to places where you used to date guys and you were shy coz you could see them all there.

I loved you once and now I don’t. I’m dumping you now and coming to you is something I won’t.


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