Memories Back Then

I sat down one day and wrote ‘Can I Make You’ for you. Should’ve known that the feeling wouldn’t last. Should’ve know we would be something of the past. I still love you believe me I do. But ever since you started bitching my hate for you grew. I remember all the late nights. A point in our relationship where we had no fights. Slept with no lights. Everything seemed so nice. What went wrong with us? I mean we were all good for a while. Always loved to see your beautiful smile. I’d hold you so tight in my arms and promised to not let go. But now it feels like a time bomb was placed between us got us teared apart when it had to blow. I miss how we would spend long hours talking on the phone. How when we were together you didn’t wanna go home. Remember when we first met? It was through a friend and how crazy our eyes clicked at that first glance. I saw myself with you and all I needed at that moment was a chance. You couldn’t look me straight in the eye but I knew you felt how I did. You already knew we were gonna be together don’t you deny it. But then if I knew back then what I know now I wouldn’t have wasted my time. My friends told me about you and I didn’t listen, damn that was a sign. Went to record a special selection for you and this is how I get repayed. By lies and cheating damn I’ve been played. But I’m chilled same way that I always am. Sorry I’m not gonna date you again Ma’am. Only now have you come to realised you lost someone of value while you were having “fun”. Chances of “Us” getting back together are slim to none.

I thought I found the one when I found you. But only realised later that it wasn’t true. Baby girl you turned me out to be a fool. So this is the shvt that you do when I’m back at school? Ayt kool. Chriz Raymond was your man and your number 1 fan. Should’ve known that this girl was another scam. Damn. This shvt is hurting. I thought me and you were a perfect matching. But then again I was wrong. Go on girl do your thing and in time I will be strong.


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