This is something really old, I wrote these words about 7 months back and it was just one of those moments when I felt betrayed it wass more of a break-up song than words directed at a certain individual. And it still isn’t directed at anybody.

They say love is blind guess thats the reason I fell for you. Can’t seem to get you out of my mind, another like you is going to be hard to find but I promise the one I’m going to have is going to be one of a kind. I’ve put up with your nonsense for a long time now, i’m tired of all of it, just thought you should know. This love is over so it’s better if you let go. I used to brag about you to my friends and told them about your beauty. Now you left with nothing but tears and a flat booty. Used to spend alot of time with you, into the dark we talked. Blew a million kisses before we walked. Couldn’t wait for the next day because there was just so much I had to share. Taking our love at a slow pace because we weren’t in a rush to get there. When I arrived at home all I always wanted was you here, next to me. All of that is gone now, no need to cry over spilled milk hau! I’m done with you, for good I hope it shall be, near you again is where I don’t want to be. All those memories we had, you can just flip them and turn them into a dream that went bad, a nightmare to be exact. I love you but spending more time around you is what I don’t want to do. You should have stayed faithful like a good girlfriend would. Now you going to be without me like camp fire without wood. I wish I belived all they said, all the warnings I received. But to me it was all lies and jealousy, because my eyes weren’t deceived. I loved you once and now I don’t feel you like legs of a cripple. You misled me like the serpent that made Eve eat the apple.


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