My Mind Is All Over

I found myself fascinated about song titles this evening that have lead to ones emotional healing. Or maybe its a breakdown coz I can’t seem to get over the sweet sound of love like I’m buried deep underground.

When Ciara said NEVER EVER John Legends ALL OF ME was MADE TO LOVE you, and “All you gotta do is say yes” like Floetry. We can play WICKED GAMES after I hit it IN THE MORNING so babe please come CLOSER. Your love hit me with a TKO so would you please LET ME LOVE YOU, UNTIL YOU LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF. We both know that you got that LAZY LOVE so can I please get a hug. I’m starting to question WHERE HAVE YOU been all my life. Your eyes are like black DIAMONDS shining bright. You probably worried about what people will say but to tell you the truth what we will be doing is NOBODY’S BUSINESS. You the ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD for me and I promise not to break your PRETTY LIL HEART. There are 2 REASONS me and you CANT BE FRIENDS and its because I’m DRUNK IN LOVE and you just SIMPLY AMAZING. CUPID hit me good so I will love you TILL I DIE. I always TURN UP THE MUSIC when i hear your FAVORITE SONG, you my WONDER WOMAN my FINE CHINA. These are my CONFESSIONS and UOENO. I want a part in my life when they ask me who I’m dating that i will be proud to say THERE GOES MY BABY then maybe later ee can head BACK TO THE CRIB start TRADING PLACES and then we be MAKING LOVE INTO THE NIGHT reach the CLIMAX then we NUMB make you SCREAM.

MY MINDS Drifts and goes a bit loco when you say im UNFORGETTABLE and that you MISS ME. I still gotta FIND YOUR LOVE so we can CONNECT and talk THE LANGUAGE. You LIGHT UP mu world.

FROM TIME I want to OWN IT but I feel like im TOO MUCH NO LIE


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