I Found..

I found myself dreaming of you. I’m hoping that dream comes true.

I found myself thinking of the times we had. Its so sad that they had to be gone so fast and that’s sad.

I found myself wishing upon stars. But my wishes can’t come to life coz of the lack of trust.

I found myself smiling when I read our old texts. But it hurt me to know that you still loved your ex.

I found myself mistaking people for you. Guess that’s how much I really wanna see you.

I found myself single coz I couldn’t find a girl that wanted to mingle.

I found myself cuddling with a girl I hit a one night stand with just so I could hold her the way I used to hold you.

I found myself hating commitments coz I can’t commit if it ain’t with you.

I found myself lost in thoughts having flashbacks. Not really an interesting sight but the walk down memory lane was great.

I found myself writing this and I laughed thinking ” Damn i Miss you”. Then it hit me that you probably don’t even think about me. You probably don’t give 2 cents about what happens in my life.


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