We Met

We bumped into each other on the corner of heartbreak & moving on. We talked to each other as if nothing was wrong. Birds sat on a tree nearby and sang our favorite song. I looked at the tree and it said “Be Strong”, the road said “move along” I looked at her and her eyes said ” You light up my world”. She used to be my number one girl. My heart said ” You still love her” but my mind said ” You don’t want that”. I saw cupid fly over us with a broken bow. And that’s when I realized that getting back together was a no. After a while talking to each other we decided to take a walk down memory lane. Where we met flashbacks doing the walk of shame. We wanted to take a trip around our time in the bus of love. But we couldn’t go through coz she had no heart. While walking she left me to meet her best friend “Cheating”. At that very moment I wanted to give out a beating. Couldn’t stand her friend so I told her im leaving. She sat down cried like I was a cheating boyfriend caught lying. She never understood that I loved her so much that inside im dying.


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