Words easily deflected like a ball game. Tryna work it out but Everything still the same. had severe injuries in this love game. But I get up and still play coz of my name. Always have my own happiness missing. But to other people I sure am a blessing. I hope they get the message, but I gotta be in the 1st place. Damn, why it always hurt so bad? Why do I always have to be so sad? My name means Joy so why am I mad? Answers to some things cannot be found. And people get mad when I’m profound. I’m just saying how I feel man, I’m never dissing nobody I’m just expressing it. Cry myself to sleep when I’m all alone. Always there for some people but they never home. My shoulders wet coz that’s where they cry on. They shoulders dry coz I never cry on them. I swear sometimes I feel suicidal. But Heaven ain’t ready for my arrival. I think I love too much. Must get back to old Chriz and just fvck them up. It’s funny coz when I fuck up, it’s the right girl. And when I love too much, I’m picking up a wrong pearl. I gotta pull myself together. Go thru every storm & and just make it thru the weather. Find me a good girl and then I’ll be better. And stop fucking every girl that wants to be wetter. Mistaken love for lust, sex for trust, loved the wrong person coz it was a must. Taken advantage of, I been there. Heart break, I know that.


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