Verse 1

I met a bad girl some time ago. She had dope tats and a nice ass. I hit that and that shit passed. Oh yea boy that’s who I smashed. Pussy so good I fell in love. That was the worst mistake that I ever did. Dated a bitch who can’t handle her biz. My nigga leave her this girl is a trip. So blind to see that I dated a girl that played with my feelings. She never tripped when I took her home and she looked up the ceiling. I love you, I love you. Shouldn’t have believed her when she said it. Stop it I love it this bitch had me tied and that is no lie. Baby girl why you doing me wrong thou? I thought you loved me that’s why I went and did a song for you. Turns out you another bitch who was all lonely, yes you phony. Should’ve listened when I got word, got word from my homies. You fucked everybody and now you act shy. You got hurt a lot and you don’t trust me that’s why. I would’ve have given you everything that you wanted and more. But now you just another girl that every guy calls HOE!!

Verse 2

Wait!! Yea I know you. Same old bitch from High School. You wanted popular guys, I wasn’t too cool and we both know that is true. Chasing you when you didn’t love me, damn girl I was a fool. Now you act different and have changed like back then it wasn’t you. You say you miss me how sweet of you. You say you love me but that aint true. We both know that you want the D but no one can give you right now. Fucked almost every guy in the hood, now nobody wants you by now. Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody!! Hold up. I swear girl, you hot and shit. But this dude doesn’t want this. I know your kind. When u good your eye turn really blind. I really loved you at one point at some stage. That time has passed and I don’t wanna see your face. You treated me like a fool back when we were in school. Now you the one coming to me coz you never found what you were looking for. That tender loving care and now you a bitch


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