Nothing Was The Same

Let me tell you a little story about this other girl I knew.
She was this smart girl I had a crush on. Straight A’s everytime a test or an exam was passed on. Daddy’s little girl and mommy’s little angel. She was never into boys as she saw no use in dating one. She had no friends as girls saw her as the nerd and they labeled her a “Peacock” because of her isolation and her ways, the way she walked with a lot of confidence and her head held up high. Her parents told her to mingle a bit and start meeting people, “be social and start making some new friends” her father said. The idea wasn’t really into her head until one day she went around trying to find the perfect people to hang around but it didn’t work because she was used to being alone. This was until the day the well-known “Cool girls” decided to approach her and bring her to their side so they could get her to do their homework’s, those girls were a pain where the sun doesn’t shine I tell you. She didn’t know what she had coming to her but she was happy to finally make friends and for once she felt like she belonged somewhere at school. She became close with the girls, she taught them all about school stuff and in returned she was taught about a sense of fashion and everything she had to know about boys. She developed and became the cool smart girl and started dating this other guy I hated. That guy just felt like he owned everything at school like his dad built it of he was the principal or something, most guys hated his guts. She felt her first heart break when she found the guy in bed with another girl and the guy went back smooth talked her and they were dating again. It was like a cut through my heart when I found out what happened and they were still together because 4 months had passed and this was no longer a crush I was in love with that girl. And she went from one heart break to the next but she remained strong.
One day something she thought her parents would ever do or think about happened
It was during dinner time when her parents broke disturbing news to her, news that they are getting a divorce. She ran to her room and started crying. This left her full of anger and it showed her that sometimes good things don’t last forever. The news broke her heart and she was never the same again. Even thou she hung out with the “cool girls” they got the tag because of their reputation with boys and dating that’s all there ever was to them. She started pulling away from them and started hanging with the wrong crowd. Started off with a cigarette then weed then drugs and alcohol ofcourse. Her grades at school started dropping and she was always fighting with her mom, breaking the rules and now always in trouble with the police. This was stressing her mother as she could no longer handle the divorce and her only girl changing her ways. One night she was out drinking and abusing drugs with her friends when her mother fell really sick and got admitted to the hospital. She received a call about the situation and she told the person on the other line to “Fuck off”. Her virginity was lost on the same night via rape; she was drunk and high off the coke when it all happened. Her so called “Friends” told her that this is normal she will get through it and that drugs weren’t cheap she has to pay the price. She became junkie, a serious drug addict. Her addiction was worrying her sick mother until she passed on.
To think her the passing of her mother would change her situation for her to realize she can be better than what she was, *sigh* she became worse. So after the funeral her dad took her in to live with her, by this time her father had become an alcoholic because he didn’t take the divorce too well plus his daughters state was depressing him. One night when he was really drunk he went up to his daughters room and started touching her sexually, he eventually raped her. She just lied there helpless as it all happened, she couldn’t make a sound as he had his huge hands on her mouth and she couldn’t fight. The next day she ran away from home and now was left with nowhere else to live. She had to hustle money to please her addiction so she started off selling her body in exchange for money to blow it on drugs. She started sleeping with men old enough to be her father’s age, twice to triple her age to be exact. She couldn’t go back to school because she had already missed out on the work of a whole semester. Her dad had already disowned her and he found a new wife and had moved on.
One night during her time selling, a guy came over to her as many would to give her money in exchange for sex, little did she know that this was different. The guy started touching her and pulling her by her hair and called her all sorts of names, he then choked her and he started raping her, his friends came over and they ganged up on her. I was walking home from the club when I saw this girl sitting at the corner crying and when I came closer I saw who it was.
She just sat there eyes shining as tears filled them. Cheeks dry like the dessert as the salt in her watery eyes dried up. Her eyes were fiery red from all the crying. Her hair looked as if she just got out of the shower and played in dirt. She looked miserable. You could see it in her eyes that heart filled with scratches and her soul had a big opening due to all the pain she endured. You could tell she was through with that life as she felt like a tool that was used then put away, its only remembered when it’s time for its next use. Her hands were bloody and her neck was swollen. Her lips were had cuts that showed blood.
A week passed and she was found hanging in her room at her fathers place.
She found that she was positive, pregnant and was living with several sexually transmitted infections. She couldn’t take the pain anymore and she decided to kill herself. She left a note for her father which read
“Dear Dad
I know you hate me by now and you are mad, trust me you have every reason to be. I failed you as a child and most importantly as your daughter. I know mom is looking down on me ashamed but I will talk to her on the other side. I forgive you for what you did to me I know you didn’t mean for any of that to happen. I’m sorry for all the pain that I have caused you and I wish nothing but absolutely the best for you and your new wife my new mother. As your only child I hope your remember me by all the good things and all the great times we had. You will forever remain in my heart.
I love you daddy”
Maybe if I tried voicing out the affection I had for her things would have been different. So if you love someone don’t be afraid to let them know.

*The events depicted in the story above are all fiction and are not based on any event that has taken place.*


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