These Hoes Ain’t Loyal

She had her back turned on me coz she was hurt. I tried everything I used to do to get her to talk to me but she didn’t move. So after hustling for a long time I decided to give in and reflect on what just happened. Now let me take you back the day before this incident:
We had just made love and we were talking. She had her head on my chest and her left leg wrapped around mine. She was telling me dreams of us having a family and living together someday. Little did she know that her dreams were far from becoming a reality. We talked and talked until she realized that my mind was not there with her, in a soft spoken voice she said ” Chriz babe what’s wrong?” as much as everything was wrong I decided to look back at her kiss her on the forehead and say “Nothing” but I could never fool her as she knew me too well. I told her that I’ve been thinking about us and how everything was going. I told her that my heart was still aching from the previous stab in the heart she gave me a week ago. If you want to know, she actually slept with another guy while she was drunk and then she had the guts to blame it on loneliness that time im always there whenever she needs me.
Anyway, the smiles we had turned into tears for her. You know how girls can be, she makes a mistake then she makes you feel bad about it like you did her wrong. She started talking about how we used to be so happy together, she said ” Chriz you know that I love you right but please babe can we just go on a day without having a fight. Maybe lets go another round hopefully we will forget about this stuff for a little while.” Well we hit another round and cuddled. Fast forward an hour later we having fun and enjoying each others company when her phone rings. She hits the hang-up button and places the phone under her pillow but it keeps ringing on end and im getting irritated about it coz she is not picking up.
Me: ” Why aren’t you answering that call?”
Her: ” It’s not important babe, that person can wait im with my baby now” as she smiled and kissed me.
I wasn’t really convinced so I looked for an excuse to dump her and that was it. I so much tried to say the words but something held me back. Everytime I tried I could feel this slight pain in my chest. My heart would start to beat fast and I would start heating up breaking a sweat. She lifted her head from my chest looked at me in confusion and asked ” What’s wrong?” as every person would answer that question I simply replied ” Its nothing” she said “You lying i know something is wrong don’t you dare try deny it, talk to me babe. Is it me? Did I say something wrong? Please tell me I’ll fix it.” With that being said she made it even hard for me to tell her that its over. So to put her at ease I told her to answer her phone next time it rang, what if the person has something important to pass on and she doesn’t answer. She looked at me, laughed and said ” Ah you worry too much babe, forget about the person and kiss me.” We started kissing and we made love again, while hitting that I really wasn’t enjoying coz it would be rude to sleep with her then dump her so I decided to enjoy the moment and I’ll see everything in the morning.
While she slept I got up and started thinking of ways to go around this.

I could make up a story about her phone then argue then dump her.

I could bring up old stories and make an argument then dump her.

I could basically start a fight so that I could dump her.

But it wasn’t really that easy. She would just wave the whole thing off with a smile then me,and her would be good. I played Big Sean’s ” Don’t Tell Me You Love Me” over and over and over again and at that moment it just felt like this was what I was going through. I decided that im not gonna do it at that moment nor in the morning but im going to wait for the right time. To tell you the truth it sucked having to spend time with someone who you barely love anymore but through it all I remained patient till the day that the break up will be applicable and she won’t turn it around.
Days turned into weeks and it started getting hard because its like she was seeing that I was done with her, she did everything right just so it doesn’t reach that point of breaking up. Well that was up one morning we was chilling at her crib and she was bathing, I was lying on the bed tired coz we had a long night. Her phone started ringing and I called her to answer her phone but she insisted that I answer it so I did

The name calling was “That Guy” so I answered as anyone would “_____’s phone hello?”
Guy: Sup bruh give my girl the phone I wanna talk to her
Me: *laughs* whose girl?
Guy: My girl mfe2 didn’t you hear me properly?
Me: Ai ntwana your girl can’t come to the phone now she busy bathing.
Guy: and wena o mang chilling there while my girl is bathing?
Me: *laughed loud* im just that guy you go to church on Sunday to get saved from. Your girl will call you back ntwana for now she is with her main guy. Wait your turn
And after that I hung up. She yelled ” Who was that?” and I went silent on her thinking to myself that this girl been playing me and I been too blind to see it. All those lies started adding up, she never went home she was busy fucking with this other guy. She never been busy she was with this guy and her studying just was a code for don’t come through. I was flippen pissed off lost in thought to even realize that she was standing in front of me all wet with a towel wrapped around her.
“Itumeleng ntse he bua le wena hao keng nah? Who called?”
I just showed her who just called in her call log and then she just started breaking down and she tried to explain it all and in the back of my mind I was like ” This is the break I been looking for”
She started begging and started to beg me not to leave her or she will end her life. And talked all that stupid shvt girls say when they get caught. No word was spoken by me I just got out of bed dressed up and left her like that.
In the words of JustSam “Ska deny’a possibility ya hore Wajelwa”. I didn’t.
From that point on she been sending me endless text messages and voice mails. And now she has brought on her family in the picture. Funny, right? They were never there when she was bitching around and now that things went downhill they appear, hectic stuff I tell ya.
My name is Chriztopher Raymond and this is my story. Thank you for reading.


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