Love, Sweet As Her Name

Once upon a time in my life I dated this other chick that I really loved and cared for. I know a lot of people that were very jealous of what me and her had and I know people who really wished they had what me and her did have. Anyway let me tell you about how we met and all the extra details.

Me and her met through a mutual friend, back in my high school days. Fell in love with her when our eyes met plus she had these big beautiful eyes, I’d look at her and see our future was bright, we were round about the same height didn’t have to worry about much. We introduced ourselves and became friends, well our friendship didn’t last that long. Close to something like a week or 2 later I was walking her home like the gentle guy that I am and I decided to pop the question and no time was wasted as she agreed right then and there to go out with me. I was so happy I literally walked home singing. I mean damn bruh you don’t get to date people like that on a daily. It is said that bad news travel fast I had no idea that good news did too, by the next morning all of my friends knew that me and the girl were dating, I didn’t tell them but someone obviously did unless they were sangomas in training, lol. A handful were happy and I know some guys that hated on me for dating that girl, plus I know some guy that had is heart broken and shattered concerning the fact that he still had some deep serious feelings for that girl, homie was half happy half mad that I was dating his EX.
Saying that dating that girl was Fantastic or great would be an understatement, I don’t have words to express how tight me and her were. There was a line drawn between us since I decided to move her from friend zone to my side chick, I didn’t know that she was hella mad about it until after our break-up. Anyway me and her got along very great since my main wasn’t from around my town, I was in a long distance relationship. But that’s another story. As a guy every relationship gotta come with some serious intimacy or your game is weak as we would label you as your peers. I wasn’t labeled weak because of the fact that my side chick has never been involved in sexual intercourse before and was waiting for the right guy and moment to do it. I felt like a soccer player that was pushed to sit on the bench, you have to be really patient because you just MIGHT play this game or you MIGHT have to wait for that next one that comes. I had to wait for her until she is ready for some love making. So I pulled out that chilled card and decided to play along with her while I wait, who knows maybe I will be the lucky guy, but I didn’t want to be that guy. First timers are hella hectic.
The relationship went on and on and she kept her feelings of me having a main hidden deep down her chest. Everything was perfect with us, no flaws. Could meet up whenever and it will all be chilled. There came a point where I had to leave town well that wasn’t great concerning the fact that me and her would be distant. But we still remained cool as she understood that im a guy and I have needs. She decided to show me that im not the only one that can have a main and a side so she decided to go over and date one guy that I hated the most. She pissed me off when she pulled out that card, even worse she broke connection between us, so I was chilled and I still remained cool, like I Always am.

We broke up for like 8-9 months if memory serves me well, around that time she was about to be promoted to the main since things weren’t right between us, me and my main that is. So that’s when my life started changing and I did some things that I today am not really proud of.

Before you know it I was back in the hood and it had turned out that the girl and the dude I hate had broken up. To tell the truth I was relieved, the dude didn’t even deserve to date her. She started hitting me up on MXit and Facebook and we started talking about trying out things for the second time, talking about

“this time it will be different”
“I don’t know what I was thinking.”
“You were so far from me I started being lonely ”
And all those details I don’t wanna bore you with.
And so we tried out for the second time. And yes!!! She was right, we were on a completely different level in our love, our bond had gotten much stronger and I wasn’t even fussing when it came to that cake, the relationship was normal and talks of cake were kept to a minimal level. No one and I mean NO ONE could break want we had. Man this girl just had so much going for me and I did alot just to make sure that we good, well, at least I tried. You know I was too busy being a player while I had a girl that took care of me back home. Too busy running after stray cake while I knew that nobody was messing with mine. That single detail knowing my girl wasn’t opening her legs to every guy that came along made me even more stupid. Even thou I was hiding when I did all of that my girl just knew herself around me to get me to confess my sins. And sometimes it would get so ugly that I would put it on Facebook, stupid me!! She would see it and then get hella mad.
I remember one time I messed with an engaged chick and I posted that heartbroken message on Facebook, damn I had lost my noodle to do such a stupid thing, she commented and there I was regretting, so I had to call and get my shit together. She wasn’t pleased at all, I would be the one calling and she would just go off at me for a long time til you hear her voice starts scratching so you know she really hurt and wanna cry. I be all the with the phone on my ear silent as the suburbs on a Sunday. And you know how they will be bringing up old stuff and mixing it with the new. I call then I’m the one that gets to listen, it was like she was always ready for me to call, almost like she was reading everything she said from a book. But through it all she stuck with me, I mean this girl really loved me and I did too, alot for that matter, but im just gone come clean and say it.


A few months passed and every now and then I was reminded of my sins, but I took it all in. I remember one time she told me that she can’t wait until I get home she really miss me. Yoh! Through all the B.S and stupid stuff, she still anticipated my home coming, damn you would swear I was gone get cake or something, but that was not the case, lol. So yea time passed and it was time to fulfill my girls’ dream of being home.
I got home and spent less than 20 minutes in the house then it was off to the studio to get it in. Saw her there but the hype she put up on Facebook about seeing me was just dreams. She sold that dream. Then things started getting like really awkward, she wouldn’t meet up with me and she wasn’t really THERE about us as she did on facebook. I was chilled like I always am. It was like I didn’t have a girlfriend up until one day she decided that she need to get something’s off her chest and talk to me. Man I was so waiting for that as I had alot to say to her too. I was just ready to go off her and spit it out, sadly that never happened.
I hung out with the freshest clique I know in town and we got on our worst behavior. So I started seeing her around and she was getting cozy with some other nigga. To put it bluntly, this girl was bitching right in front of my eyes with a nigga I know. Me and my childhood brother talked about it and he told me that I shouldn’t worry about it, yes I was played, I should let it be and start enjoying myself. Well I heard all he was saying but I couldn’t enjoy myself. I made stupid excuses like “Hakna mashala” just so that I couldn’t go out with the clique and see the nigga everytime. Niggas were mad at me for that but eventually they let it slide, we still hung out. Okay too much information. Fast forward to two months after the incident.

Me and the girl weren’t talking anymore, no texts, no calls, nothing. All of a sudden my mail got an essay from her tryna explain herself. Back of my mind im like “Bitch who gives a fuck”. I go through her text and all I see is:
“I’m sorry”

“I was stupid”

“I don’t know what I was doing”

And the word most girl love when they trying to replace you and they fail. Yep you guessed it right

“I miss you”

I laughed so hard and started talking about it with my friends, one friend of mine said

“She deserve it why would do such a thing? If I were you I wouldn’t let her back in my life”

I understood where those statements where going. I just replied and told her that I forgave her a long time ago (such lies, tryna make her feel better about the whole situation)
I got home and she wanted to meet, apparently she had something “very serious” to talk about. The day I was to meet her was the day I was meeting up with my crush. Mxm she just had to take me off that vibe when I was coming from meeting up with this other gone mami.

The way the girl was ready to see me she went to the salon to get her hair fixed, she said it was for me, I think she was just saying. Anyway that’s another story. So me and the girl meet and obviously she expects me to tell her all the things that I had hidden in my chest but I wasn’t about that, I was all for a random conversation up until we was about to depart, that’s where I showed her that I’m really heartless, funny thing is I mastered that art and I do it with a smile. She explained it all like
It was just a play to get back at you. It wasn’t serious the guy was just playing along till he developed feelings, what what, what what. I got her side of the story which I longed for and obviously like I am there was no way I could leave her without tearing up that heart a bit.
Right before we parted I knew she wanted us back again so I told her that she is just an ex, nothing more, me and her just ex’s, no call no text and none of them other things. Her reply was getting me in the friend zone. How you gone get someone who isn’t there about talking with you anymore into that zone. I just let it slide, acted stupid for a second then went in and tasted her lips for the very last time (I think).

Before I wrote this I told her that im writing about her, seemed happy about it. I’ll get a response when she is done reading it.

Events depicted in this story are real.

My name is Chriztopher Raymond and this is my story!!.


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