The Ex I Never Dated

The first time I laid my eyes on her was when I saw her rolling with some friends of hers and I remember a friend of mine telling me “That’s the girl I been telling you about”. Ever had that feeling whereby you see someone and your mind tells you that you know them from somewhere? I had that at the moment. I didn’t wanna put myself under pressure so I let her slide that day and told myself I’ll get her next time our eyes meet again. Little did I know that I wouldn’t see her for a long time, so in my mind all I had was her picture, the way I saw her, the way she walked, and most importantly, her smile. I didn’t want to ask my girlfriend about her because I knew that they knew each other so I didn’t want her all insecure about us. Phela if I did raise the point I’m pretty sure I was gone get dumped. Anyway this is not about me and my girl (currently my ex) this is about the mystery girl.

Days and months passed without me seeing this girl, just to have her show up around and I get to see her was enough I didn’t want anything more I just wanted to see her face and maybe, just maybe I was gone go to her and get to know who she is and what she is about for about a minute or two. But knowing me when it comes to beautiful girls I would’ve tripped so bad my first impression would be the worst. Where are my manners, let me tell you how this girl looked:

She rocked short hair, had it on afro and she looked beautiful. On a scale of a grenade to a dime (0 – 10) she is a perfect 20, that’s how beautiful she is trust me on that one. And oh she is short, just the woman I was looking for. Perfect in every shape and form. God took his time creating this masterpiece.

All I ever wanted was to introduce her lips to mine and let them a conversation for a minute or two.

Months and months passed until I was like you know what “Fuck this im gonna invite this girl on Facebook and be all up in her inbox whether she like me or not. If she gone block me then let it be. What I wanna say will be said and done. She will know how I feel” and I did. She accepted, and let me tell you the truth, I danced and celebrated by the time she did. I didn’t think she actually would, you know how these fine Mamies on Facebook can get, they love attention and they’ll be like too many friends and shvt like that. Selfish bvtches, im glad she isn’t like that thou.

Anyway, I remember that I posted some status and she commented. Everybody stop, she actually commented on my status and it was not long after we became friends. My crush commented on my status, do you realize what that means, well in my mind it means she likes me. Well so it turned out that me and her love the same phrase, one which I’m not gonna tell you because you might catch who this story is about. Anyway, I inboxed her the phrase and she replied saying, she thought she was the only one who loved it, told her it makes two of us. Her reply made me realize that me and her are gonna have great chatting relations, the way we spoke up up in there for that minute was promising. This is her reply
” Lol yeah God is smart like that he knew we’d be fascinated by realising somethings we got in common with ppl we hardly know, its super cool”

We don’t know each other outside Facebook, we just became friends and already we click. At that moment in time I was wondering what else we have in common. During our conversations I started realizing that this mami is a caring one, didn’t know if it was with me only or it was with all people she talked with. She showed me so much care if one went through out conversations you would actually think we were a couple. I remember one message she sent in my inbox that really placed a smile on my face and reserved a special place in my heart, crushes don’t text like this anymore. This is what she said:

” 🙂 u jus know how to make me smile, and the sad part about this situation is i sometimes ignore my inboxes coz some ppl are annoying, but i sure respond 2 urz…..aniiiway have urself a proper night make sure ur well cuddled and comfortable :* night night”

Now tell me that doesn’t sound like a caring girlfriend to you. By this time all I had in my mind was

“We are a couple.”

No guy would think otherwise when you start receiving texts like those. This girl is the most chilled beautiful mami on Facebook, all because I don’t know others. The way she texted my way told me that she is a caring and loving girl, more reason to have her as my girlfriend I mean who else would deny such Tender loving care? No one I know.

You know how guys are the only ones who run after girls and have them talk to them? With this girl its different, she sent me Good morning texts and goodnight texts, she would start a conversation. Now tell me that this girl is not worth having.

Sometimes we would go about a day or two without talking to each other and when I text her like a goodnight message you could see it in her text that she has been waiting on my text first. I remember one time I sent a have a nice day text with a kiss and I received a text that told me she likes me. You could just read it in her words, she said:

” You know whats amazing about u nje is haong lebale i love that 🙂 and thank you have a proper day lwena oi hlokomele hleh :)”

I still say tell me that’s the girl not worth having.

Anyway one day WhatsApp decided to just go down and everybody’s WhatsApp was not working, that night made us talk more than we normally do, this is the time I realized that me and her ate pushing the same course just in different schools and locations.

Okay let me remind you something, at the moment me and her love the same phrase and we are both doing IT, just keep that in mind.

Story proceeds, she said she was surprised of the connection we have between us. Do you realize what this means, if you don’t let me tell you, we both holding an invisible rope on both ends and everytime we talk we get closer to each other. One thing that made me realize that this girl really likes me except the fact that she admitted, she sent me this text the other day. She said

“:) thank you….i just love this having some1 nje kadi good morning ledi goodnights…. Hope you had a fabulous day have a great night”

This showed me hore she doesn’t receive much of those and nna im on the right track to her heart. Oh yes I am!

After that me and her had a talk about being called names such as “babe” “honey” and all that, I just wanted to see my way through and get to book my spot on her heart, she told me that she hates being called those names, rather call her by name or her nick name. Dreams shattered, but I worked my way through and guess what? I call her “Babe” and she calls me “Lovie”, sweet neh? The perfect couple, lol.

One day she really killed my vibe, I text her and hot a response after a while (not that I mind we are not always on Facebook) and her apology just really pissed me off. She said:

“Askies hleh bunah network haka sometimes ya sukudisa hleh hope u having a fabulous day”

Everybody stop, not to say I don’t like being called sweet names but the person that called me that is the character in “Love, sweet as her name” and her calling me that was very uncomfortable and adrenaline rushing. I asked her not to call me that (bunah) again and it was chilled.

Enough with the boring details. I once had a status whereby I said I got alot of free minutes and no one to call, she hit my inbox and told me to call her. Okay first of all this girl has decided to give me her numbers and let me call her. From Facebook to phone calls I love the way this is going.So I got her math and decided to call her after trying about six to ten times already, not that she didn’t pick up but coz I kept hanging up before it even connected and I kept having a conversation in my head in how we will talk.

When I finally called I heard her voice for the first time,I don’t wanna lie I flipping froze when she said “Hello”… Damn I didn’t know what to say next but,I kept my cool and had a good 2 minute conversation with the mami. Talked about it on Facebook and we were glad we talked. Next up we talked about plans of meeting up. We talked about it for days on end but before that something happened thou. Almost forgot to tell you this.

I got a text on whatsapp of this girl that told me that she loves me, she from Petrus Steyn, knows I live in Heilbron, knows my names, wants to meet up at KFC the following day, denied sending me her pic promised me that she is beautiful I should just come through, didn’t wanna give out her name and all that. I had this status on Facebook where I was tempted to much the conversations. Only did I find out later that the same girl texting me is my crush pulling a prank on me. I mean can you believe this girl thou, pulling a prank then she says ” I just realized I have your digits on whatsapp and I decided to play a mind trick on you” mxm some people thou. Back to the meet & greet.

Finally me and my crush decide to meet up one Saturday. She told me she headed to get her hair done she wants to look good for me. Okay stop,

I REPEAT, now tell me this is not a girl worth having. Headed to get her hair done, just for me? Maybe it wasn’t just for me who cares? She made me believe it was. Okay fine.

We later meet after a struggle of how & where to meet. So when we about to meet she say she doesn’t see me where we supposed to meet, I was walking behind this guy with a white top and I told her I’m that guy and she believed it, guy went to some guys he knows ( I think) then the look on my crushes face at the moment, priceless. Lol, I greeted and she was relieved, we hugged and we started talking and I walked her home. Great talk I had with her we had some good laughs I got to see her smile, beautiful big eyes and she got dimples for days.

What hurt me after our meeting is what she said on whatsapp. Maybe I’m not the guy she expected. Anyway she got me feeling like I don’t wanna date her anymore. But all of that was resolved and I like her and he likes me. She is just not into me as being her boyfriend at least not now. Funny how when I ask her if there’s gonna be ” us ” in the future and she agrees maybe now is just not the right time.

Me and her talk on a daily she makes me happy and I make her happy. I once told her I love her jokingly (I was serious) and she didn’t know what to say, ran outta words and she started going all ” Serious” “oh okay”… That time I knew she just wasn’t into me in that way * sigh*. I was chilled I mean I’m always chilled. But we dismissed that topic with me telling her I’m for real and she understood. We good like that, perfect couple.

I told her im writing about us and she has been breathing down my neck for me to finish it. Lol, I know she will read this laugh and say she wasn’t but she was. I even called her and we talked for a bit and she was still rushing me, mxm women.

I know she is reading this right now so this is what I have to say.

You make me smile everytime I talk with you and when we start talking I don’t wanna stop. Ever since we got close I don’t wanna see someone else but you. I know I done told you I like you a dozen times but its only coz I want you to know that what I feel is real. I have real feelings for you and I truly wanna be yours. Believe me when I say I love you, I really do. I know you love me too but you just not ready to admit it yet, you just need more time I get that. I just want you to know that I’ll always be here to make you smile, and make your day and make sure you never sad.

And oh one thing before I leave, I love you, oh yes oh yes I do.

My name is Chriztopher Raymond and this is my story.


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