What Is Love?

We are attracted to people in different ways. Some love you as a friend, what we call ‘Friend zone’. Some love you as a brother/sister, what we call ‘Family Zone’. Some people love you in desire to get in bed with you, also known as ‘Lust’. Some love you to pursue a relationship with you, what I like to call ‘Romance’. We have love for our parents, siblings, friends and everybody that gets close to us.
People tend to love one another on a ‘Love at first sight ’thing, but is that really love? People want that affection, that care, trust, reliability and everything else. When I fall in love it’s because I share the same qualities with the person, I have someone I can confide in, someone who takes me and loves me for who I am, someone I can be able to talk to about anything. What do you look for in a person?
Is it how they dress? Is it because of their beauty? Is it because their bodies are well perfected to a point where by you are attracted to looks? Is it because you want to sleep with them?
Many people have misused the purpose of this word for lust. We live in a generation where this word is thrown around a lot. Some use it because they really mean it and want to pursue a real relationship. Some use it just to get in bed. Boys use love to sleep with girls, while on the other hand girls sleep with boys thinking that they will find love. No matter how tough you think you may be, you come across a point where the person you didn’t love but they loved you turn to another that loves them. Only by that time do you realise that you should have kept them.
They say love can be painful. People can love you one minute and the next minute they can HATE you. Sometimes in a relationship you can go blind; a bad thing can look good to you. People’s mistakes can seem like nothing to you because of love. You can go around telling people that you are in love because of the happiness they bring to you. You not ashamed to tell everybody that you are in love with whoever it is. Love makes you a whole different person. You can sacrifice the things you love, your personality for that one person.
Love can make you angry, hurt and sometimes feel you not in control anymore, but most of all it can make you happy. Love can change you.
We all fall in love, whether it’s for keeps or it’s a lesson it happens. And when it does, no matter how much pain you felt in the past go for it and enjoy it while it lasts. It may be your last or maybe GOD has bigger plans for you.

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead” – Oscar Wilde


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