Things Don’t Go As Planned (Part. 1)

It was one summer morning when I was on my way to school. I had my earphones on listening to some Hip Hop, if I remember well it was around the time Tyga released his Hotel California album. On my way I saw this beautiful woman walking on the other side of the road. I was about to cross to the other side instantly when I saw her. Immediately at that point I was love struck, being me I prepared a conversation in my head while I crossed to her side. I cleared my throat for a good 10 seconds, started fixing my shirt and wanted to make a good first impression.
I walked up to her and I greeted, that’s a polite thing to do. Just after I did that I thought of all the possible things she could say or not say, while I was busy thinking of possibilities she just turned her head and said “Hello” with a smile. Right then and there I knew that Mr Raymond was going in for the kill like a lion when it sees prey. The gentleman in me politely asked if “I could walk with her”, she didn’t hesitate to answer me when she agreed. I figured I would save the introductions for later, that’s if I’m going to get her numbers. We clicked on our first topic when she asked what I was listening to and when I told her she was all smiles and started telling me her favourite tracks. You don’t have to wonder why I love Tyga’s “For The Road”, she made me love the track. We talked some more about music and I found out that we have the same taste in music. As the conversation was going smoothly it was my cue to leave, didn’t want to but the plan was to wake up and go to school meeting her was another one of God’s plans for me. She felt bad that I had to leave I could see it in the way her mood went straight to the drop, but she was cool and said “See you around”, “You can never guarantee that” I replied. She turned with a smile and said “I know I’m going to be seeing you again I can even bet on it.” And we both parted ways.
I went to class and I couldn’t concentrate as I was thinking about this mystery girl I just met. The way we had a great conversation convinced me that I had a shot with her. Let me tell you about this girl, she was a little over my height, light skinned, body parts all in their correct places, I’m talking thick, curvy, nice behind, a face to admire, weave on point, ok that’s too much. Anyway, she was all I could think of that day. The way this girl was all in mind I started seeing some girls to look exactly like her. Now when you start seeing people and resemble them to someone close to your heart you know you miss them no doubt.
It’s been over a week since I last saw her and by now I’m starting to think I wouldn’t see her again. I walked the same path to school from the day I met her thinking I’m going to see her again. I reached a point where I gave up and told myself that I won’t see her again. Now that was sad it felt like I just lost someone close to my heart. The pain was that close to losing your partner whom you have been with for a long time. I had already given up on this girl even if I bet with her I guess I wasn’t going to get my money soon enough. From that moment on it was back to normal for me, completely cleared my mind from her as I have accepted that I won’t be seeing her again. My friends had a good laugh saying that I was love struck but it was cool they are my boys and they understood.
Exam time was approaching quick and I was studying in the library for a test that was coming up. Now let me tell you something about me, during my high school days I couldn’t study my friends knew that and they called me “SpongeBob” reason being that my mind could grasp all information and release it later. Anyway, I just took out an exam pad and everything I needed to study. Everything was going according to plan until I had this major distraction right in front of me. While I was busy with my studying some girl came up to me stood in front of me and took away my pen. By that moment I was ready to curse the living hell out of that person, but that didn’t happen. I looked up and it was her, the same girl that had me going all crazy just over a few weeks ago. As I was at a loss for words she politely whispered into my ear “Let’s go talk outside I will be waiting” and she left. Back of my mind I was like “Who does she think she is coming up to me and boss me around” and then I thought “Well the time is now.”
I walked outside and there she was still looking fine as the first day I saw her. While I was approaching her she opened her arms, I was confused as to does she want to give me a hug or that’s meant for someone else. While I was busy trying to find answers she pulled me close and gave me a tight hug. She gave me one of those ‘I haven’t seen in a long time’ types of hugs. I was like “Hey, you can let go now I’m not going anywhere”, she gave me that ‘You silly’ fist. You know when you say something silly or a joke to your woman and she hits you on the shoulder, yep she gave me that. To tell you the truth I was love struck couldn’t stop smiling, I know real G’s don’t blush but she had me blushing and I couldn’t hide it. So I was like “I haven’t seen you in a while where have you been?” Her response shocked me I wasn’t really expecting that from her, she said “I’m so sorry babe. It’s just that I have been busy with some things. But from now on you are going to have me all to yourself nothing is going to come between us.” How does one say something after that, it’s pretty obvious that this girl is already into me. While I was still digesting her words she said “Babe if you done with studying can we please go to my place I will make it worth your while.” Did she just say she will make it worth my while? God sent me an angel indeed. This girl knows all about a man’s needs, I couldn’t deny her offer so I said “Sure why not. This time we are going to enjoy each other’s company real good.” Right then and there she just pulled me closer and gave me a kiss smiled and said “I would be lying if I said you are not a great guy.” I looked at her and said “I would be lying if I said you are not beautiful.” She smiled held my hand and said “Let’s go before it gets late.” And so we walked.

Everybody stop, stop for a minute there and let’s talk about this. I am going to her room? She is gonna make it worth my while? We are not even dating for heaven’s sake. What if she is sick? What if I’m gonna get a beat up when I get to her flat? What if she has a boyfriend? How come I didn’t think of any of these while I was with her at that moment? Stupid Chriz, catching everything that comes your way.
What happened while walking? Did they date? Did I hit that? Find out on the next Dragon Ball Z. lol sorry that was stupid.

To Be Continued…
My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond and this is my story


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