Things Don’t Go As Planned (Part II)

One thing that was amazing is that we shared so much in common, we are both fans of good music, I finally met a girl as crazy as I am, now this now I couldn’t have guessed but she used to dance for a Hip Hop crew back in her hood. I was at heaven with her, enjoyed every moment we walked from campus to her flat. So eventually we got to her place and she offered me something to drink and I was like this girl knows how to treat her visitors’ right. One thing I couldn’t get thou was that she kept calling me “Babe” not that it was an issue to me, just that I think it was too soon to be on that tip. Anyway we were chilling for a while until things started heating up. We found ourselves close to each other with nothing to say and we looked at each other deep in the eyes and finally we started kissing. And right when things were getting intimate she said “STOP”, I thought I was doing something wrong when she said “Tumi I love you” almost immediately I nearly said ‘I love you too.’ I held her face and looked her straight in the eyes when I said “I would be lying if I said I don’t love you”. What happened after that is history.
I woke up in the middle of the night and there she was right next to me, I paused for a moment and thought to myself what had happened. I just met this girl and already we had already made love. I started asking myself many questions, questions I didn’t have answers to. I looked at her and she was amazing, such beauty. We made love to Chris Brown and Tyga’s – Like A Virgin Again, I’m not a good singer but I sang the track to her and what she did to me I can’t explain. And no she is not a freak. Let’s just say she handles her business well. While I was busy thinking about what just happened she turned over to find me sitting up on the bed in deep thoughts, she just kissed me on the cheek and said “Babe it’s late go back to sleep.” I didn’t want to look like the type that doesn’t listen so I laid down wrapped my hands around her before I kissed her neck.
It was a sunny Saturday morning when I woke up and she wasn’t next to me and then I thought maybe she is in the bathroom or somewhere around but she wasn’t. I got out of bed and just sat there with nothing but my boxers on thinking of the previous night and how I got the girl that made me fall for her within just minutes of our meeting. Thinking that if I hadn’t walked up to her and talked to her none of this would have happened. While I was busy talking to the inner me she came into the room all smiles and looking beautiful. She had a t-shirt on with nothing under; she walked to me and said “Good morning handsome, did you have a goodnights rest?” as she kissed me. I replied “I slept well babe, how did you sleep?” she had her index finger to her check and looked up as if she was in deep thought and said “Last night was great and I haven’t slept that well in a long time.” I was happy to hear that all was good so since I had nothing more to say I kissed her and told her I had to get going. She asked me nicely not to leave I didn’t have to go. You know a woman doesn’t want you to leave when she says “If you go out that door then don’t plan on coming back” and looks away. *laughs* that woman had me cast under some spell; it was almost like it’s been weeks or months dating. I had a talk with her and told her I have to get ready for upcoming exams and she understood. I hit it for the last time before I took her numbers and left, five minutes later she called me and told me she already misses me. I just told her not to worry she will see me sooner than she think. We spoke for close to 2 hours on the phone. I arrived at my place and we still were talking, I bathed and I was still on the phone with her. It was love, cupid had hit us both.

I wrote exams and during exams I used to go over to her place to see her , sometimes I would sleep over there for a day or two just to be with her. One part I enjoyed the most was when she played Keri Hilson’s “Slow Dance” and danced for me, and believe you me she could dance. She and I got really close, we would talk about anything. We spent most of our time together, we shared a laugh most of the time and things were going really good. Then came a time that I had to leave and go home for the holidays I had to go home but I wanted to spend more time with her as we enjoyed each other’s company. Eventually I went home and we used to be on the phone all day exchanging texts, calls, even on social networks. Holidays were finally over and I was excited that I was going to see her again. I called her as soon as I arrived and I wanted to go over to her and see her. She told e that she couldn’t see me that day she had a lot of work to do. I understood, the same way that she understood when I was busy with school stuff. So we kept on texting and calling each other, days went by without seeing her and in my mind I finally accepted that she was seeing somebody else.

To Be Continued…


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