Things Don’t Go As Planned (Part III)

One day we were texting each other on one of the social platforms and I asked her if she was seeing anybody else but me, she told me that I was the one and only for her. It was amazing how the distance that came between us during the holidays messed up so much. We started fighting, arguing, ended up on terms that we won’t talk anymore. How could love that was so good change all of a sudden? I went to see her one day, got to her room and knocked. I could clearly hear voices coming from her room, it was all laughter and she sounded so happy it was almost like she was with me at that point because I did all of that. So I knocked some more and eventually she opened the door her face went from having a beautiful smile to eating something sour. “Tumi” she said “What are you doing here” as she closed the door behind her and stepped outside. I was amazed at her reaction so I asked her who was in the house and didn’t get a reply. I told her that I came back to her to claim what’s rightfully mine all I was there for was to ask her to take me back into her life. Almost immediately after I said that the door opened and then came out a muscular guy with his t-shirt off he said “Hey babe what’s wrong is there a problem out here.” She said “No there’s nothing wrong love. Excuse my manners Tumi meet my fiancé.” by that time everything went blank I shook hands with the guy and had to act as if I wanted some notes from her and she told me that I would get them in class tomorrow and so I left. While I was on the road back to my place it actually hit me that I was the guy she could just talk to when things weren’t so good with her husband to be. I got mad at myself more than I was with her. But it was all cool since I knew what she was like, received a text from her saying “Tumi babe sorry you had to meet him like that believe you me I wanted to tell you sooner but the way that I was so caught in the moment I couldn’t because it was going to take what we had away and it was also going to take my piece and bundle of joy with. I’m so sorry and I hope you find it in that kind heart of yours to forgive me. I love you still.” This girl had the guts to send me a text and say all of that while that just happened. I freaked out and went on a social network and posted out my feelings. I wasn’t thinking straight and then my girlfriend from back home commented that’s when I realised that I really messed up. I saw her once in the school’s library she looked at me as if she was about to cry and every time we met she would just walk with her head faced down. I haven’t spoken or texted her since and now we just back to being strangers. The moment I thought I found the one it didn’t work out, almost like God has bigger plans for me. “You were my biggest mistake yet my greatest memory.”



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