I’m Just Saying How I Feel. Ain’t Nothing More To It.

It took me about 5 – 10 minutes to write the first draft of this. It took me about 30 to write the revised and edited version. I ain’t mad nor tryna play you got a fool. Since you can’t tell me what’s up with you and me I figured it’s only right I do 😊 and this is for you. I don’t normally do this but here we go…


Remember when I said I wanted to see your smile and dimples? Funny how one can go head over heels for something so simple. Well I saw those the first day that we met. Its just one of those moments with no regret. The joy that was portrayed in your eyes was out of this world. And at that point I knew I wanted to make you my one and only girl. Your smile was more than I had imagined, it was one of the things I noticed first. Sweet as it was I felt like I was in a bubble and needed some one to burst. You hold one beautiful smile. I would be one proud lame to look at you and call you mine. Your eyes are just extraordinary, I swear I can have them shining right close to the stars. When I got you I know I wouldn’t need fancy clothing, money or those fast cars. I would kill to be with you, yes I’d sit behind bars. I looked into your eyes and I could see our future bright as a full moon on a dark night. The reflection of our future was that of the lake with the moon light. When you reached out to give me a hug I felt your warm hands, some love and a whole lot of care. At that point no relationship ideas had clicked but I could feel that we getting there. You looked amazing, simple as you were you captured my heart. My eyes and mind were caught in the moment but all I had for you at that time was love. I was at a loss for words, I didn’t know how to start a conversation, what and what not to say, but the way you spoke reassured me that I can smooth talk you, which I did. Random conversations were picked up and we had some good laughs, which was the highlight about our meeting. And I thought to myself, well this must be the person I been longing for, going up & down seeking. Me being able to make you have a smile on your face throughout gave me the clearance that when you saying you’re blushing while we text its actually happening. So while we had that small talk my mind was busy digesting things and doing alot of imagining. What could happen if we were to be together, damn girl you left me wondering. When it came to our departure point, I was close to rushing at you, give you a tight hug and introduce you lips to mine. Feel your warmth like a winter morning when the sun shine. But I figured I don’t wanna jeopardize what we have so I might as well have ice on my face and chill. But still, to have a girl like you I repeat I would kill. When we departed I almost broke out how I truly feel but I didn’t wanna be embarrassed so I let it slide for the moment. But I knew that if I told you it would be words from the heart and would’ve been something I truly meant. Your smile said, it was great meeting you can we do this more often. Since I caught flu I could already see you taking care of me while I’m busy coughing. Crazy right? I could tell by the way you looked at me that you were happy to meet me. You could tell by the look in my eyes that I wanted you to kiss me. I was the happiest when I finally met you. They say dreams come true, but since my dream is you the day sky had nothing on me coz I was feeling more blue. I left the scene with a smile and I reached where I was headed with a smile still on my face contemplating what we could be. What we would be and what type of guy I should be to have the privilege to date someone as beautiful as you.


Enough with the sugar coating… This is how I feel now…


I would like to meet you again, for the first time. And I promise that this time I will surely make you mine. Have you look up to the sky and ask the man above where I have been and what took him so long to bring us together. Under his guidance I know that our love will be forever. Hol’ Up I ain’t mean to say that just yet. I have been longing for a day we finally met. My emotions have me caught up in a fantasy world filled with our love. I know you probably think I’m stupid for writing all this but this is how I feel. You the girl I need. I know I done expressed how many times I feel for you and I left you speechless. Got me thinking that the words I say are probably useless, they probably falling on deaf ears leaving a lame in tears. Soul tore from the inside out. I hope one day you see what I am about. I was told that people don’t realize the things we do for them until we stop. Problem is you do see all this and you doing nothing, maybe I’m just a big flop. Wait nope, maybe you just the girl that needs the drop. See I ain’t tryna make you feel bad for not going out with me but I’m just saying with all the effort I put in even kicking me to the curve was to show that you were grateful. But hey maybe you just had a plateful, of love. And yes maybe I am a fool.


I got word that a crush only lasts 4 months anything beyond that is no longer a crush but you’re in love. Yea I fell in love with you, but you failed me as you “SOLD ME DREAMS”… Damn another dream seller, I was so close to buying those dreams.


No More Bottled Feelings. This is the #BrokenSilence.




My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond And This Is My Story.


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