Nothing Was The Same [Their Story]

It was one Saturday afternoon when she was out with friends doing some shopping. She was most happiest when she was with the girls and doing shopping or out having fun o just chilling talking about everything they liked, well we all know girls won be girls if there wasn’t gossiping involved up in there. But deep down inside she was lonely and needed a man that could take care of her. Friends tried hooking her up with some of their man’s friends but it just didn’t work out, either they cheat, beat her up or don’t give out the necessary attention.

He was just another random “Nerd” as his friends called him. No time for drinks and chilling, he was all about leaving the company he works for and start his own, own a couple of estates, have a family and be the best man he could ever be. Too bad the girls he really liked just were with him for his money and not for his love that he had lots of.

It was God’s plan that they shall meet that day. His friends were hollering at the other girls and while they talked he was sitting alone on the side never minding what  they were up to. Since she was also alone she walked up and set next to him and she said “I hate this. every time we out there has to be some guys on to them and they get laid.” He looked at her and he replied, “I know right, it sucks big time.” At the moment they knew and they felt what was happening between them. He got her number she got his and they promised to keep in contact, this was after they had about 20 minutes of good talk, laughter and a whole lot more. When he arrived at his place he was going up and down with his phone in his hand trying to call this girl that she just met, he couldn’t do it because he was scared that the girl was just like these other ones that were after his money. She was sitting at home waiting on the phone to ring, everybody that called that day had to keep it short because she didn’t want to miss his call. Finally he gathered some balls and hit that dial button. It rang twice and she picked up, that took him off guard as he was still preparing the final touches of his conversation in his head. When it rang she didn’t hesitate to answer when she saw his name on the phone. Her voice said, I have been waiting on you to call and I’m actually glad that you did. They were on the phone for about an hour or so. From there on everything is Life & Physical Science, I’m talking “Chemistry” and “Mating” (lol, I just feel stupid for writing that  last line). They met more and started dating, before you know it parents were involved, she graduated from law school, he bought out the major shareholder at his company,  3 years and 8 months later they were tying the knot ,after that he put a bun in the oven.

It was one Wednesday that he got a call from the Hospital that his wife was in labour. He wasn’t about to miss the opportunity of seeing his first born so he dropped everything at the office and headed to the hospital, he stood by his wife’s side until their little angel was born at 00:47. Greatest thing to ever happen to them, right then and there he promised to take care of his Queen and his little Princess and would never let anything happen to them. By this time he asked  his lovely wife to quit her  job to take care of their daughter and he would be the provider. Their family was perfect, only one child in the household as God has blessed her with an angel. She attended the best schools, got whatever she wanted,  but trust me she was nothing close to a spoilt brat.

The little one had a closer relationship with her mother because daddy was mostly away on business. They talked about everything from dating to girl stuff. Her father didn’t like it that she was starting to date so she dismissed any boy who came over. They were fighting more than they usually do and everything started changing in the house. While she is at home taking care of her child, he is on business trips making out with his P.A, going shopping and doing everything that he doesn’t do with his wife. It didn’t take her too long to find out so she called for divorce. Worst mistake they ever di. One evening during inner they broke the news to their child, she didn’t take it too well. It affected her school work as well as her behaviour. After the divorce was final he agreed that she will keep the child and he will visit every now and then. She changed into something her parents were scared of. Her father moved on real quick and found a new wife

. Her addiction took her mom to a mental breakdown, and it wasn’t long until she passed on. After the funeral her father took her in. It wasn’t really easy for him as he didn’t know much about his little princess. Since her junkie ways had caught up with her she was wearing all sorts of skin showing clothes not knowing that this has his father eyeing her and lusting her. Such a father he is huh?

One night while drunk as it was normal to him now. He creped into his daughters bedroom tied her up and raped her. When he woke up the next morning she was not there and he found a note on the table written by his daughter. [Note can be Found at “Nothing Was The Same”]. He went out to get a drink to ease the pain that he did that to his daughter and her body was up there hanging. While driving his mind was filled with pain and regret, his face was wet from all the crying, he lost focus on the car and next thing you know he was hit by a truck. the head of the truck smashed everything leaving the backseats of the car. His  new wife wasn’t allowed to see him as his body was torn apart. Most painful thing is that she was expecting his kids, twins, they are now to grow up without a father plus their sister is no more.



Reminder : The actions depicted in this story are all fictious.


My Nam Is Chriztopher Raymond And This Is My Story!!



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