Things Dont Go As Planned (The Aftermath)

So it’s been a while since me and the engaged girl broke up. It’s been double the strain for me, have to deal with the pain of cutting things off with her then on the other side I had to explain myself to my main girlfriend on what the status I put on meant. She has been angry with me for a while, I know my woman when she angry, she tends to fire shots at me, she will pour out her heart just to let you know how angry she is and best believe me she did. I would sometimes forget that I’m the one that called and listen to her tell me what she has to say. It’s something similar to when you know you in trouble with your mom and when she is yelling at you, you just sit there and play with your fingers or remove dirt from your nails. That’s what I mean when I say she was firing shots; anyway my heart has been broken many times I always knew that at one point I will get over being hurt.

Time passed and things cooled off for a while but I haven’t gotten used to the fact that I don’t talk with the girl anymore so every time I had my phone in my hand I would go to my contacts and dial her number, then after a second it hits me that she’s not the person I want to call. My days started to be very boring I would hang out with my friends from campus for a while then leave for my place and when I get there there’s nothing to do but just sit there watch TV or be on my phone. I really wasn’t in a position to be looking for another girlfriend but what I did was just admire the beauty of other girls on campus or on my way to the flat. But then one day I happened to bump with my ex at the same spot that I first saw her, almost immediately I wanted to switch my route and take a different one to campus but too bad I was already late and that’s the quickest way so I put on my headsets and just kept walking. When I was about to pass her she stopped and turned around making her stand right in front of me, she hugged me tight and when I was about to move her away from me I realised that she was crying. I have such a soft spot for this girl and I hate that. I mean I’m the one that got hurt here why is she crying? It’s not like I’m going to forgive her the minute she apologises. Well that was what was going on inside of me but my face was talking a totally different story, I was all sympathetic and wiping off her tears, that time I have class to attend. Anyway, I took off my headsets and wiped off her tears and told her that I’m in a rush to class and I would call her later. Her response was something I wasn’t expecting at all, she said “Promise me you are going to call.” The nerve of this girl, I was like “What?” she said “Tumi babe just promise you will or I will make a scene” I didn’t want any of that and I had class to attend so I promised even thou I didn’t want to and rushed off. It didn’t sit well with me that she did what she did to me but I decided to ignore it.

It was almost as if she planned the whole thing, going to the place we first met to bring back memories and pull off that stunt she pulled. After hours and hours arguing with myself non-stop I decided to call her and see what she wanted. I still remember the conversation clearly and all she said.  This is how it went:

Her: “Tumi babe”

Me: ”Yea wassup”

Her: “I’m sorry about what happened in the morning but I knew I would find you walking down that road”

Me: ”It’s cool, so what do you want?”

Her: “Yoh! You cold hearted hle, anyway I miss you and I just wanted to tell you that I still love you. So whenever you want to come see me you know where to find me.”

For quite some time I didn’t know how I was going to respond to her invitation I mean this is the same girl that broke my heart a few weeks ago and now she wants me back in her life. I mean she is engaged for heaven’s sake and I don’t want Mr. Muscles to beat me up.

Me: “Look, sorry to spoil your little moment but I don’t do engaged women.”

Her: “I thought you would say that but please don’t let this get between us I just want a little fun before I rush into things so please take time and think about it”

Then she started crying over the phone I mean this girl must have lost her mind. What is it that she loves so much about me that her husband to be doesn’t have? Oh my bad I found the answer shouldn’t have even asked.


Me: “Crying won’t help you this time around sweetheart I didn’t see you cry when you introduced me to your husband to be. So embrace the fact that I’m no longer with you and I don’t have time to play games. So go back to your man and start thinking about babies. Love is something that I still have for you but you we won’t be seeing each other again. ”


Her: “I can’t believe you just said all that but anyway I know where you stand thanks.”

Then she hung up the phone. If that girl didn’t kill herself at that moment she never will. I’m just kidding but I know for sure that she was hurt I even felt sorry for her that time I was the one that got hurt. I was left wondering of things she would do to herself but figured it won’t be my fault and just ignored it.




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