The Aftermath (Continued)

Days and days passed and it was back to my normal routine for me, walk around campus and gaze at the beauty surrounding me, hang with friends then its back to my crib. I did that for a while until one day my eyes caught up with some girl that I have been seeing on campus for a while. We didn’t really know each other but you could tell by her smile that she has been looking at me. I was heading out of campus and she was coming in, we both had our headsets on and as we were approaching each other she took out hers and started walking really slowly towards me. At first I wasn’t sure if she was about to talk to me or what so I turned around to see if there was somebody behind me approaching her and when I saw that she was looking directly at me I took out my headsets smiled and in my mind I went “Just keep calm and talk with her, don’t bring up anything about love or something stupid.” While I was busy calling myself to order she said “Let’s turn back I want to pick up something from the library quick.” And after she said that she held my hand looked me straight in the eye. Her face was that of the moment you meet your girlfriend and she wants you to walk back from where you come from then gets those puppy eyes in order. I didn’t know what to do so I acted tired and went back with her. She held my right arm with both hands and had her head on my shoulder. To be honest I really didn’t know what was happening or for that matter what she had in mind so I figured I would be polite and introduce myself “Hi I’m Tumi and you are?” she simply replied “Hi Tumi, I’m in love.” Being the crazy character I am I replied “Well hi in love, pleasure meeting you.” I could tell that I have met a girl as crazy as I am when she replied “Nice to meet you too Tumi. I’m in love and at this very moment I’m with you so I think it’s safe to say that I’m in love with you.” My mind was like “My guy you have just found another one. Where do these girls come from.” I was laughing at her statement when she suddenly told me to be silent because we were in the library; I acted cool with a huge smile on my face thinking to myself this woman just made my day. She let go of my hand and told me to not move a muscle she will be right back and after she said that she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, I was surprised and she had everybody in the library looking at us. I don’t want to like I was embarrassed but I didn’t want to let it show so I stood there like a boss while she met up with her friend and discussed me. Well it was quite obvious because while they were talking they kept looking at me and smiling so I took out my phone to avoid the awkwardness and started doing I don’t know what but all that passed and she came back held my hand and said “Tumi, right now we are  heading out, right?” “Where are we going if I may ask?” I asked. “You don’t have to worry about that. All I want to know is that you coming with me to where we are going.” I agreed stupid me, even if this girl was taking me to my funeral I didn’t know or if she was taking me to some dodgy place I couldn’t tell all I knew was that I was caught up in the moment. While I was having all these random thoughts in my head she snapped her fingers in front of me and when I looked at her she smiled and said “Hi I’m in love, welcome to planet earth.” This girl just had something about her that made me want to be with her, if there was a song that would describe how I felt at that moment had to be Diggy Simmons – Do it like (Feat. Jeremiah) I just had to know everything about her, her name was something I had to get first. We walked for a while talking about things in general and I asked her name in the middle of a conversation we were having, she looked at me chuckled for a bit then said “Excuse my manners but the name is Lebogang” I asked her what took her so long to tell me her name and she just laughed and said “We have reached our destination. Thank you for everything I’ll see you later neh? What am I saying of course I will.” “And why are you so sure?” I asked. “It’s because I know you won’t let me down. Now come and give me a kiss before you leave” as she said that she held my back pack and pulled me towards her. I didn’t hesitate I went in for the kiss straight away; I must admit it was great and I enjoyed it a lot. We stared at each other for a while before we went in and kissed again then after that she gave me her numbers. I know you are probably thinking that I’m a chick magnet right? Well not really I don’t lead them on but it’s actually the other way around, sometimes I feel like I’m the girl and all these girls that are hitting on me are guys. Yes it feels like that sometimes but then again, I LOVE IT. Anyway we parted and it was all smiles when we did. So on my way to my place I was wondering what brought this girl to me and what all this sudden interest in me came from. I had so many questions to ask her and I couldn’t wait until it was later so I could ask her all these questions. So I got to my place and I wasn’t really ok with the fact that what happened really happened, so I was just there lying on my bed listening to music but my mind was not with me as I was deep in thoughts thinking of advantages and disadvantages of having a chick hit on you. Things like she is going to be doing most of the things like arranging hook-ups,  doing the calling, paying for dates and basically doing everything that guys do because she is the one that came to me. Anyway I was so caught up in the moment that a call interrupted me and yes you guessed it right the call came from the girl that I was thinking about and she asked me to come over and see her if I’m too busy to see her, I told her I’m not busy and I’ll be coming through in a few minutes. By that moment that’s when my heart sank in, everything changed I started asking myself if what I’m doing is right I mean last time I did something like this it went all wrong the person was engaged to be married and now I was doubting everything.

I walked up to the girls place and when I was just outside I stood there and thought things out for a minute. My mind was like “You have to stop and think these through once you go in there, there is no turning back.” But then I had questions so I walked in and just when was getting closer to her room the door opened she walked out crossed her arms and gave me the look married women give their men when they get home late you’d swear she was angry at me, so I stopped and looked at her and that’s when I realised that this chick had only her t-shirt on, no bra and nothing underneath). Anyway I walked up and she gave me a hug a really tight hug and then she whispered in my ear “Why don’t you put your hand up my shirt and see if you can grab what you like and maybe you will get it” so I didn’t hesitate to grab her ass and as I was busy grabbing she looked up at me and gave me a kiss then she said “Let’s go inside” “Ladies first” I replied and so we went inside and she offered me something to drink. We were sitting in her room and we were lying on the bed and at that moment her shirt was all above her ass, to tell you the truth I was tempted to tap that but I contained myself because I needed answers and so I asked her when did she develop feelings and how long has she been looking at me and the response I received from her really shocked me a bit like I really didn’t expect that she has been eyeing me for so long.

Let me take you down memory lane a little. In 2012 there was this Mr & Mrs Carnival show that was happening on campus right and they wanted people to come audition for it so my friends on campus talked me into going there and doing it and in the end I agreed to do it. I went to the room where you sign up for those and they gave me a date and time to come through and audition. The day arrived I went and I heard that auditions were cancelled so I would be performing well I was cool with that and the day of the performance came the even was happening real late and I got word when I would get on stage. I got signalled to ready myself and I went backstage and changed then after that I went on stage and did a little dance routine that I had prepared for the event and everybody liked it even the girl hosting it was amazed because that’s not what I did during the rehearsals. Ok back to this story.

After my performance there was this girl that I sat next to and she went on and on about how good I move and yes I was flattered but it was late and I had to go home. And guess who that girl was? Yes that’s right it was Lebogang. It turned out that this girl saw me move and immediately she fell in love and when she was saying all that it was the moment I started to remember her face. I mean I always knew that I know this girl from somewhere but I just couldn’t remember where and then she brought light to my shady situation. And as I was laughing about it she told me that she always wondered if I move the same way as I dance in bed and my response was simple I mean anybody could’ve said it, I said “There’s only one way to find out” then we started kissing and feeling on each other. We went on and on for a couple of minutes then we stopped, looked at each other, smiled and we continued. After a while we stopped doing that and we started talking some more I really wanted to know what was really up with this girl before I did something I would regret later on. I asked her why she has been keeping such feelings locked up all this time because it was now close to a year since my performance at the event and she said that she wasn’t seeing me a lot on campus until recently and she was always scared to approach me because she thought that I’m one serious dude and after she said that I looked at her and laughed imagining myself being a serious guy. Anyway I slept over at the girls place and got myself some cake.

We started seeing one another a lot and started spending time together and up until this day me and her we cool. We both gone for December holidays so next time we meet it will be in 2014 when we go and handle the registration process and beyond that, she has a man back home and I have a girl and we both agreed that we wouldn’t mess up what we have back at home and what we have together. So me and her we just talk a lot on social platforms and send random texts every now and then.



My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond And This Is My Story.


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