“But Alcohol Got In The Way”

I am the first of 4 children at home, me, 2 girls and a young brother. My parents were the greatest, even thou they struggled to buy stuff for us they always managed to make sure we ate and we had a roof over our heads. My dad was a local Mechanic, known all around my hood, the best at what he did. My mom like most worked in town as a Domestic worker brought some nice clothes for us.

Growing up I realized that since I’m the older brother my siblings will have to look up to me, so I went to school and studied hard to a point that I graduated. It was too bad that my parents weren’t around to see the day that brought me joy. My dad passed away when I was in Grade 9 and my mother passed away on my second year in varsity. I had to find piece jobs to patch things up and send money at home make sure the ones behind me were well taken care of. I don’t wanna lie it was the hardest and most toughest challenge in my life having to take care of my family and myself at the same time, but it taught me a lot.

  1. It showed me that as a man you need to take care of your own
  2. Be responsible and know what you stand for in life

After I graduated my parents policies finally kicked in. I was supposed to invest the money and make sure that my siblings would be taken care of

But then Alcohol got in the way.

All I remember buying was just some clothes and a sound system in the house. Then with the rest of the money I was always with friends getting turnt up. See I had a job when the policies kicked in. The way I was getting drunk every day I even had to call in favours at work. I was always absent coz I always had terrible hangovers, now if you asked me then what killed a hangover then my answer would be “The only way to beat a hangover is to get drunk”. Moer the girls we cuffed when we went out you’d swear they were heavenly sent. Homie used to get laid for days. I’d just walk into a club and all the fine girls would leave whoever they with to join me in V.I.P sections sipping on Ace Of spades and nothing less. I’d get laid by a chick just by announcing my name to her. Bhut’ Madlisa as they called me, Abuti Mnate you can’t make a party without me being there, I was like the skhothane of booze, drinking bottles I still can’t pronounce.


While all this was happening I was more focused on making my friends happy and keeping them satisfied my family was suffering. I was getting drunk every night while they had to hustle for food. My relatives took them in and I didn’t even care. After the money was finished I was left all alone, the friends, the girls and everybody else had vanished I was left all alone. My family had abandoned me and nothing was ever the same.


It’s funny how the people that swear they would die for you are never there when you have a gun to the face. Have a circle that has the same MOTIVES AS YOU. You can’t be a lion and hang with cheetahs. Kill all those squares off in your circle and cut your grass you don’t need snakes all up in there. Know who your real friends are and keep your enemies real close because they are the only people that can keep it real with you.


My Name Is Chriz Raymond And This Is My Story.



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