I Still Love You

A friend of mine been following my blog so he inboxed me and asked me to do a story for him. All he did was give me the key points of the story and asked me to work out the rest.

The contents of this story are real.

We met about 5 years ago and she was just an angel. So perfect that it was almost like a dream.  She was that one girl I was looking for I knew that with her I’m gonna be able to change my ways and be the man that this girl needs. I told myself I’m gonna be more than a boyfriend to her I’m gonna be the man of her dreams.

Me and her had a great relationship and everything was just perfect.. Well that was until she got a job and cheated on me with her supervisor. After I found out that this particular event had taken place I was angry and I wanted to confront her as soon as possible but I decided that it wasn’t what I was gonna do. So I pretended as if I didn’t know for 4 months, this was from from November until March.

After a while I got angry at the fact that she hasn’t said a word about her cheating. That’s was when I started to be aggressive. Hoping she will tell me the truth. I beat her up several times. I beat her up so bad that one time gave her a blue eye.


She didn’t confess. After the blue eye that’s when she told me it was over, that I was an abusive and so we broke up. It went on like that until I realized that I really loved her. I realized that I was not the same guy without her. I realized that no other girl could treat me the way she used to treat me; this is when I asked her to get back with me. I worked my way around getting back with her which took about a month and we got back together. This was in April and still I pretended as if I didn’t know how long her affair had been going on. Its funny how people lie to you when you already know the truth. She told me it started a week after we broke up, well I tried to be supportive to my woman and re-assure her that im still the same guy she fell for. Not long after that, is when I just found out that she slept with him. The nerve of this girl, I only thought it was just a fling but hey I guess even those head up to the bed and get cracking right?

I knew all this and I still didn’t wanna tell her I knew about her affair right when it started.

It was on a peaceful Sunday night called her up and we met. Truth be told I was drunk, and we all know that a drunk tongue is an honest tongue, well most people know that. So that was when I told her everything about her affair, everything I knew at that moment.

So finally she  opened up and told me all there is to know or I thought as much. Later she was at my room 57 kilometers away from Heilbron (that’s Sasolburg by the way for those that don’t know.) I went to an ATM which was about 30 minutes away from my room. When I got back she had to go to the market to buy some things and she forgot her phone behind… It rang and it was her supervisor of which she ended their relationship long ago. (at least that’s what she told me)


This is how our conversation went:

ME: ” hello”

Him: “May I please talk to (calls out her name)

ME: “She’s out. And who may this be?

HIM: “It’s the guy she jus sent an SMS to”


Well I checked if she sent any SMS but there was none, so obviously she sent and deleted the text. Maybe she left her phone behind on purpose didn’t think that the guy would call. When she came back I asked her about it and she lied to me as always.


Its funny how people avoid things. I wonder why can’t we just come clean with out partners? If you do wrong why can’t you just confess? There’s little possibility that your partner will leave you. Yes they will be mad at you but at least they will be proud of the fact that you were honest in your wrong doings.



To Be Continued!!


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