Being In A Relationship For The Wrong Reasons

It was one Saturday night when I was out with a couple of friends on that #TurnUpYaNgeMpela (Real Turn Up) mode, but that evening was not like any other one that we’ve had. The place was packed to the max and there was more women than men out there. So hooking up a chick wasn’t that hard. My friends had just picked up a few girls to come to our table and every girl had already set eyes on who they want. This other chick came and sat next to me. I wasn’t my usual self so I had my phone and I was texting other people, was just in too much of a rush to get outta there and go sleep. The girl that sat next to me had her beverage in her hand and she had her phone in the other. We were the only ones texting by that time while people were having fun. My friends know that when we go out I dance to the max and we have alotta fun but that wasn’t the case then, I just wasn’t in the right space. Here’s why, I had just found out that the guy my ex used to call her “friend” was actually this other side dish that was eating off my plate while I wasn’t looking. I know she an ex and I shouldn’t get mad about it but for us to break up she heard rumors that im dating this other girl and we fuck alot. She didn’t believe me and I was dumped for some I didn’t do. Anyway the girl next to me decided she can’t hold on to the beverage any longer plus we haven’t looked each other in the eye, she decided to give me a tap on the shoulder so I could face her. The intention was to hand me her bottle so I can set it on the table but that all changed when I took my eyes off the phone and looked at the beauty that has been sitting next to me all along.

She had these big brown eyes, her hair was all natural and she had part of it cover her face. She wore a body warmer with a hoodie that was unzipped and had on this Pink T that was holding her so tight I doubt her double cups could breathe. She had on leggings and some vans. Her smile said “I can have you dreaming even thou you not sleeping”. Her eyes turned me into stone like Medusa. She had an hour glass figure with curves to die for. When it came to height she was just my type, not too tall not too short. Lord have mercy!!

She said “Can you please put this on the table” and all I heard was “Can you please let my lips taste you”. I paused for a while before I looked at her and asked what she said. I looked dumb for a moment, but I blamed it on the sound that was too loud. She then came closer to me as we tried to spark up conversation. I was busy texting my homies telling them about this girl. This is when she decided to take the phone out of my hands and held it. She said ” No texting tonight lets make memories.” I laughed a bit and then I agreed only if she gave me my phone back, she looked at me shook her head and said “I’ll give you your phone back on two conditions” and out of curiosity I asked her to name them which she said ” 1. We go outside and talk a bit get to know each other” I was cool with that plus I just hit a home run with a fine ass woman, I asked what the second condition was and she replied “No texting, me and you should talk”. Wow just wow, I didn’t even know her name or where she from but already we getting bossed around, already acting like my girl out here. Luckily I didn’t have one then. So I agreed on her terms and I put my phone away, as soon as I did that she stood up held my hand and told me that we should probably go outside then. Soon as I stood up and we started walking out she put my hand over her ass and when I was tryna remove it she pulled it back and I figured well I guess that’s where its supposed to be. While on our way out every guy up in there had their eyes on us and in my mind I was like “Yes she is mine. Say some now!!”

We got outside and she pulled me close and kissed me. That wasn’t no show off kiss. It was one of those “baby I love you” type of kisses I wanted to push her back and stop what we doing but as I was thinking that she was a step ahead of me. She pulled my hands towards her breasts and made sure I felt them because she was squeezing my hands real hard during the process. I had a serious hard-on and I almost nut at the same time. She removed my hands for a minute and stopped kissing. She looked at me and smiled. I asked her “What?” she said “Nothing. Its just that I realized that you have nice teeth.”

Okay lets stop there which type of girls actually go so deep in looking at a guy to notice the teeth thou? I mean this is the first case I’ve had of a girl saying that to me. Well im lying not the first but on the first I understood that the chick hung out mostly with white chicks. But hey that’s not the point.

Anyway I paused for a moment before saying “uhm.. Thanks?” I don’t know how to reply to compliments its not like I get them everyday. She looked me straight in the eye and said “from now on you are mine and I am yours I don’t care what another guy or girl has to say. I know this might sound awkward but im in love with you. Yes you don’t know me but I have been keeping my eyes on you”

I was out of words all said was “Oh really?” I mean this girl was not even half drunk she was tipsy and already she was firing shots. While I was there standing looking her straight in the eye with my hands holding hers or hers holding mine, she came closer put her head on my chest and said “Chriz please say something”

Okay PAUSE!! I never told her my name. I don’t even know hers, this must be planned it can’t be. I once heard that “the devil stay testing ’cause when you chase the pussy it’s a sin but if it falls in your lap it’s a blessing” and this was truly one.

I said ” Do you believe in love at first sight?” the response I was looking for was just a simple YES/NO but that’s not what I got the way she placed her emotions you could tell that she has been waiting on seeing me and talking to me for a long time. She already had an answer for any question I might ask her. She said “If I didn’t then me and you won’t be here right now kissing and me being on your chest like a real couple. What part of I Love You can’t you get Mara?” I couldn’t say anything more so I figured I’d show her that I love her too. I let go of her right hand and lifted her head to make sure she looks at me and when I saw those black diamonds looking at me, in a sweet sincere voice I said “Even thou I just met you I would be lying if I didn’t say I love you more. You must be sent from heaven the way you have brought me joy and im grateful for that” after I said this her smile was was just too extraordinary. Her smile said “I’m feeling you brother stop talking and kiss me already.” plus her eyes were already shining like the night sky. I just went in and kissed her madly. She pushed me back, looked at me with a smile and said “Lets go back inside before people get suspicious” and so we did. When we walked in my friends were quarter to being faded. Me and my newly found woman walked in holding hands and her head on my shoulder. We had ourselves a blast, the drinks hit the spot plus the clique had the finest girls in the room.

As I looked at my woman I realized that I don’t actually have real feelings for this girl all I ever wanted was just to get in her pants. I knew all these other guys in the room wanted the same thing but some are actually real good dudes that would wife her. But it wasn’t like I was gonna let these hungry lions have her at least not until I eat the cake first.

Closing time was approaching and one of the guys decided that we go finish off the party at his place, these other girls wanted to go home but Lerato (that’s her name by the way) said she goes wherever I go. Now it was just me who was gonna get laid and my homies probably spent they money on these girls for nothing, so I had to talk to Lerato to convince her friends to come through too. After close to half an hour of arguing the girls finally agreed to come with us to my friends place. It was just around 2:45AM when we got to my friends place, the girls were all comfortable like they weren’t the ones arguing. Lerato didn’t want me to leave her sight so she held my hand and went everywhere with me. After talking for a while I decided we go to the bedroom and she pleaded that we at least spend a couple more minutes talking. At this time I was lying on the couch and she was lying next to me with her leg over my waist, head on my chest and arms wrapped around me. After a while she got up on top of me looked me straight in the eye and said “Babe do you really love me?”, at this point I was in a tight space coz I really didn’t but I had to get in her pants so I sold her a dream, I said “I love you babe I really mean it, a drunk tongue is an honest one”. She bought the dream, smiled at me and kissed me for a while then she stopped covered her face as her head was on my chest. I got up removed them and asked her what’s wrong and she told me that she can’t believe that her dream had come true, she had finally found the guy she been looking for and also told me that she has been crushing me for a long time from my dancing days. She used to see me dance with my crew and always knew that one day I’m gonna be hers and only hers. The chick literally broke in tears when she was telling me all this, she got up apologizing saying I shouldn’t see her like that its not okay, you know how women are. I got up held her hands and made sure that she went from being teary to that sweet smile of hers she wore a few minutes ago and when she finally reached that point she pulled me close and kissed me. She pushed me to the couch got on top of me then she took off her top and I was grazed with beauty of some pretty fine boobies. Ok now that’s too much info. We kicked it on the couch until we decided to hit the bedroom where things got real. I was with a freak, the girl was doing things that I always wanted to do with my previous girlfriends but it didn’t happen. The love making went on and on until we finally slept.

You know that feeling when you about to wake up in the morning, that moment you regain your consciousness? Yea, it was that time when I felt someone on top of me. I almost freaked out until I opened my eyes and realized that it was Lerato. She was just there on top of me watching me sleep. When I opened my eyes she smiled and said ” Oh wow look who’s up. Good morning sweetheart, missed me? I bet you did.” then she kissed me. I laughed thinking to myself that this girl is crazy. I just replied by saying “Well good morning beautiful. I knew a guardian angel always looked over me at night as I slept I just didn’t think its you”

Okay wait, me and this girl just had a great night and you think im not gonna keep on selling dreams? Well wrong, her kitty game is way on point for me to let her go now. Call me whatever you want I don’t care I got me a booty call. Anyway…

She just kissed me on my cheek and said “I will forever be your angel babe that’s why I chose you. I love you” I looked at her thinking damn this chick is real about her feelings. “Should I keep it real or sell a dream? Fvck it Imma tell her what she wanna hear”
“I love you more” I replied. She smiled and started kissing me from the lips, neck, chest, stomach until she was blowing me. I just couldn’t believe that this chick was blowing me just after I woke up. I mean I can get uses to this. Sell some dreams and het some good head and sex, I cab live with that. We hit it one more time until I walked her to her flat. When I was tryna take her numbers she said ” Don’t worry about that, I have your numbers and you have mine. I’ll call you later hun I love you ” we kissed and parted ways. The hangover wad killing me last night was mad real. When I got back to my friends place I found them drinking with they girls and talking about how I hit the lotto and all that, you know how guys can be. I just told them um good with booze all I need is some rest it was past midday already. So I took a little rest. Woke up around 4 checked my phone and I had 73 missed calls and 40 messages. I haven’t hit those numbers ever since so I checked and it all came from one person, Lerato. She had her name stored as “Mrs. Lerato Raymond” I laughed at it. Her first few messages were like:

“Hey babe what you up to? I miss you and I want you now.”

“Babe why aren’t you taking my calls Mara? I miss you. Call me”
They went from that to:

“I hope you not sleeping with some ratchet-ass hood rat lapho. Why you ignoring me?”

“Oh so you too busy for me now? Can’t take my calls and can’t text me back? After all we did this is how you thank me? I hate you”
From that it was like:

“Babe im so sorry I don’t know what git into me. I was told that you sleeping. Call me when you get up neh? I love you so so much”

So u decide to call her back right. It rang once then she picked up like she was running or something. Like she was waiting for it. “Babe, Chriz, honey. You okay? What you doing? I hope you not mad at me. I’m sorry babe I didn’t know you were sleeping. Please forgive me. I’m really sorry. You not mad right? Give me a kiss, mwah mwah” I had to stop her I had this heavy ass headache and she was going on and on. I was like “Woah chill, im okay enough with the questions” she apologized again then walked into the room. I nearly cursed her out, busy wasting my airtime while we in the same house. We sat and we talked and truth be told when she cane back she all all sorts of fly. I mean she wasn’t the girl I saw yesterday and in the morning. She was just too hot I even doubted that I’m the guy she is in live with. I was close to texting my friends and asking them if they set me up. But it was nothing like that. We had a long chat and we made love AGAIN. Okay I won’t bore you with the details.

This girl was deeply in love with me, I remember one day I was chilling with my homies and this other buff dude cane through to us. When he arrived he asked for me and all I could think about was that I am about to get a beating of my life. I got up and he put out his hand for a handshake, it was rather strange that this dude just wanted to shake my hand. What if he was gonna hold it then punch me with the other? What if he was gonna give me hell? But ny boys were there I didn’t stress much. To my surprise that wasn’t the case he just wanted to thank me for taking his little sister out of her misery and making her the happy girl she is right now. You know how brothers can be with their sisters, there’s always those words that will follow no matter how much he salutes you ands those words are simple but life threatening

“If you hurt my sister you will know me well”

With that being said I swore to never hurt her. (Chriz never say never). He left after that and my homies were laughing at how shook I was when that guy was looking for me. We laughed about it for a while and we part ways as I was going to see my woman. We had a great time together and everything was just great. I just loved the sexing and she was deeply into me. Deeply in love with me so much she even arranged that I meet her parents. I mean meeting parents? Last couple of times I did that things didn’t end well for me, I was always at the other end of the gun. I asked for some tome to think this through but she has already arranged that we meet that day later on. So I had little less than an hour to get myself together and try to make a good impression, I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of her parents I might just lose the respect she has for me. I didn’t work too hard on getting it together plus I just don’t try too hard to be a good guy, I AM ONE!!

It was time to finally meet her parents and to tell you the truth I was nervous. I just didn’t know what to expect, will they accept me into their home or are they so strict that they will stop me from seeing their daughter? Will they think I am good enough for their one and only girl? That much I didn’t know but I was going to find out soon enough. Me and her got to her place and we sat in the living room for a while. In a space if about 20 minutes of me settling in and the nervousness fading her parents walked in, greeted me as I stood up to shake her fathers hand and her mom opted for a hug. We sat down and they told me that they haven’t seen their daughter ao happy in a long time and they thank me for being in her life. It was just great me and her parents were talking and joyful like I have known them. They were understanding and were really happy that me and Lerato are together. During the talks her mother said something I wasn’t expecting at all she said “Lerato tshella mokgwenyana waka drink moo o tlwelle botswa” (Lerato pour my son-in-law something to drink and stop being lazy). I was surprised that she said that and we all laughed. Her father wasn’t talking much but you could tell that he was happy. The only thing he said rather than pop some jokes was that he blesses our relationship and he will keep us in his prayers that we don’t break up but have a long lasting relationship. In the back of my mind I was like “I didn’t sign up for this, only if they knew that I don’t love Thor daughter but I just wanna sleep with her.”. After the talks we all stood up and her mom said we should hold hands, bow our heads and pray.

After the prayer Lerato walked me and she said “See I told you that there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. My parents are cool people” I agreed because they truly are remarkable I haven’t met any family so chilled about their daughter as them. She said “Well babe where are you hurting now? Did they bite you? ” I laughed and shook my head. She stopped held my hand and said “You are the best guy for me. You are everything I ever dreamed of” before she came close and kissed me. There was alot of kissing in this relationship I can tell you that. And the sex? You don’t wanna know. Months passed and with each day passing she fell more and more in love with me.

It was one weekend when we was in bed all naked after a hectic session when she got a call form her mom telling her to come over quickly. She got up dressed and I walked her to the taxi and asked her to call me later on. She sent a text that read:

“Hey babe I just found out that my grandma passed on and we leaving tomorrow so I’ll be back in about 2 to 3 weeks. I will come sleep over tonight. See you later. I love you Mr. Raymond” I wanted to do a little celebration but I figured I will when she us finally out of town. No I wasn’t celebrating the reason that she was coming to sleep over. I was celebrating the fact that I have a random coming over and her absence will mist definitely give me freedom. Later on she came not feeling well so I was just there lying on the bed with her trying to console her as she wept on my t-shirt. I know it was gone be a few weeks apart but I didn’t want to push her to that “lets have sex ” point I mean I wanted to nail her badly but this wasn’t the right time to be thinking about that. She finally slept in my arms, I fetched a blanket and covered her before I sat in the bed thinking “When lotto said one day is one day, the meant me getting a girl like this just to have sex with. My friend with benefits who so happens to be in love with me” as I was there smiling of my achievement she woke up and said “Babe come to bed tu, I want you next to me” in my head all I had was “sex” but my actions towards her suggested that I don’t want to do it not with the position she is in. So there was no action that night except for her waking me up in the middle of the night to kiss me and tell me how much she is gonna miss me and how much she loves me.

So morning came and her dad came to pick her up as they were leaving. She promised to call me everyday and text whenever she gets the chance. About 2 hours after she left my random came through and we did the deed. She didn’t know about Lerato and vice versa, later in she left and I called on another girl to come spend the night with me. So I just had a different girl come to my place for some love making then they left. All these girls that came through had boyfriends and I was always that shoulder to cry on and you know what they say about those,” a shoulder to cry on becomes a dick to ride on”. So here I was with different chicks on a daily basis and these things happened to reach my woman. She freaked out kept calling and texting checking up on me every five minutes just to make sure that I wasn’t with another girl.

One Friday she didn’t tell me she was coming and I was busy shagging another girl, I was way over my drinking limit and she walked in on us. I didn’t freeze or anything coz I didn’t see her, the girl I was shagging pushed me out of the way and started cursing her out, she didn’t listen to her she was looking at me with teary eyes all she said was “Babe please tell me im dreaming” I was out of words I couldn’t say anything. She walked out of the room and I didn’t even follow her. The girl I was with said “Who’s that” my reply was “Argh, no one important that girl is obsessed thinks we dating and Shvt.” she said “I’m your one and only right? ” and stupid me agreed. Then we went back to what we were doing.

Later on I tried to call my woman and I didn’t get a response, kept on trying but nothing. The beer in my system said ” Well let her be” and so I did before sleeping. When i woke up and git back to my senses i realized that I had made a terrible mistake so I went to her flat, her friends said she was at home so i went there. Upon my arrival her mom welcomed me with warm hands and she was happy to see me, I asked for her daughter and she said she is up in her room. She accompanied me to the room and left us there. Lerato was in bed, her eyes were all red from the crying and by her face you could tell that she was through with love and me most of all. I sat on the bed looking down there was silence for close to 10 minutes and when I tried to say something she said “SAVE IT Chriz. I don’t wanna hear it. I know what I saw and most of all you didn’t even bother to come after me” I was out of words I just didn’t know how to justify the situation, first of she heard the rumors which I dismissed and she believed me and then she had to see me in bed with somebody else. She just chased me out of her room crying even her moms came through to see what was going on. I left and I wasn’t feeling okay. These other girls cane through to do the deed and I just wasn’t feeling them I missed that tender loving care I got from Lerato. Later on I received a text from her which read:

“I trusted you. I saw my future in us. You took me for granted and made me of of your skanks. When we met I was sure that you were the one for me. I even introduced you to my parents for Heavens sake. I never want to see you again. Don’t call me nor text me or come to my house or flat. Its over, now you are free to go play with your girls and have fun. Me and you are through”

After this text is when I realized that I didn’t really take her seriously. All this time I was blind to see something that God has sent me. I was busy picking up stones not realizing that I had a diamond in my reach all this time.

I saw her the other day and she was just too beautiful and I was full of regret. I was with her for the sexing while all she needed was my love.

Sometimes I sit and think what would have happened if I left all my player ways just to spend more time with her and then it hits me I guess I will never know. She was just the perfect person for me and I didn’t realize it. All I just wanna say is never play with someone’s heart you never know who your true soul mate is. Sometimes all you need it to take time and see where everything takes you. Don’t rush into something you not ready for and when you feel that something is right for you make sure you are clean of all the things you were doing, if something is real change your ways and you might just be in for a treat.
What you just read is a true story that happened to me and I shed a tear or two while writing it and i don’t think I’m over her yet. I know she might not wanna go through this again but if she was to come through now I’d drop everything to be with her.

To Lerato Moeketsi lesson learned and I hope you are happy wherever you are.

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond and this is my story.

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond And This Is My Story.


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