The events depicted in this story are all fiction. I was just trying to paint something, I hope you get the picture.

The sky shined upon her face and her caramel skin tone shined brighter. Her clothing was that of a modern civilized woman who wasn’t getting dressed up for boys but was that of attracting men who are capable of taking care of her. The way she walked slow meant she wasn’t rushing to get where she wanted to. She had that “One Step At A Time” walk “There’s no need to rush”. Her body was that of a thick lady, everything put in the right places. I’m talking fine hips, legs, flat tummy, nice twins and oh I don’t want to talk of her booty and her face belonged in those magazines. Her lips were screaming kiss me and best believe she could kiss me everywhere she wanted and as for me, I’d pour some Ultra-Mel on her and lick it all off [Oh Chriz you nasty]

First time I saw her was during my dance – off on campus. She smiled at me the whole time even got me thinking that somewhere deep in that smile were some ‘Likes’. I’d approach her and try to get a conversation going but that would probably be a waste of time plus I was scared to. Days and days passed and I couldn’t think of nothing but this beautiful girl that I saw on campus hoping that I would maybe bump into her and talk to her. Maybe get to know her a little better or maybe go out with her but with her being invisible around I doubted that would happen. I thought about her day in and day out even got to the point where I saw girls that looked like her around, things were hectic. I even started dreaming of us talking and getting all cozy, talked to myself as if I was talking with her, crazy moments.

After I’d say a long time without seeing her and dreams of being with her were shattered I finally saw her. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was the same person that I saw a couple of months ago. I wanted to approach her but I was scared,nervous and I didn’t know what to do. Finally I said to myself “This is what months and months of practice have brought upon me.” I took,out my phone to answer a call and turned my back on her for just a minute and when I turned back to where she was standing with her friends, she was nowhere to be seen. I gave out a huge sigh as I knew chances of seeing her again won’t avail themselves, I have lost this chance again. While I was busy thinking all of that I felt a soft tap on the shoulder and when I turned there she was. I was at a loss for words, will my dreams come true? Will I stop day dreaming about this girl and have her as mine? Or will my dreams just fade away. As my thoughts ran wildly she kept her cool and waited for me to say something to her. I said

“Hi, how are you?”
she smiled and said “I’m good thanks and yourself?”.

” I’m good” I replied.

There was an awkward silence after that. She looked at me and said “You that dancer guy right? The one that was moving his body like a snake a while back in the hall?” I just couldn’t help but laugh and agree that I am actually that guy, I don’t know about the “snake” part though. We had a little talk about me dancing and my oh my was she impressed with the way I moved truth be told I was flattered with all she had to say. My crush said I dance well, what more can I ask for? Then she did something girls don’t often do which is ask for my number. The joy that was in my heart at that time was more of those singing triplets. I called them out quickly and she said she will call me so we can meet later on and gave me a tight hug. She was rushing somewhere and I was 30 minutes late for class. But I didn’t care I was happy I finally had a talk with that girl and since the moment she took my numbers I couldn’t stop staring at my phone. I was suffering from “Textraphobia”. Well for those of you who don’t know what it is let me tell you I know you suffer from it too.

Its not really a phobia but its that moment you feel like your phone is vibrating in your pocket when it really isn’t. Back to the story.

She called and we talked for a while,best talk I had ever had. We went and started talking over social networks and built this strong connection between us, I swear you’d read our conversations and think we are this happy couple. Well this was all until I started making moves on her, I mean we both had this great thing going on so why not date. Too bad she wasn’t thinking the same thing, she only loved me as a friend to text and nothing more. This was starting to get to me because I thought we were going to be great together.

So I started getting on her nerves, time and time again I macked and macked on her and everytime she denied I would get so mad, I would start cursing her out and be mad at her. This all started to make her hate me more and more. I would send texts and try to even call her but she wouldn’t reply nor answer my calls this was until she blocked me. I couldn’t get through to her anymore there was no platform I could talk to her on and thus is when the situation got the best of me and I did some things that I probably didn’t mean.

I started stalking her to see where she lives and eventually found out. Looked for her on social networks and I found her stalked her profiles sent hundreds of texts with no reply. I was finally so mad at how she treated me I gathered some guts to finally gathered some guts to go to her place. I knocked and found her sitting with what I think was her boyfriend, she didn’t want to see or talk to me like a girl would when her boyfriend just hurt her heart. The guy just stood up and handled me and any guy would but I figured he was disrespecting me coz I wanted to talk to my girlfriend. The girl denied me and said I should leave. I told her how much I loved her and I told her that I wasn’t thinking straight when I did everything but she didn’t want to hear any of that. The guy grabbed me and started pushing me outside. The door was opened and we were on the third floor. I was fighting the guy while he pushed me out, screaming my lungs out how I love her. She was watching with teary eyes filled with fear and probably thought I’m a psychopath. I fooled the guy into thinking that I’m calm and I was leaving and when he bought it I tried to run past him and go grab the girl, he grabbed me and pushed me hard. Pushed with so much effort I found myself in mid air while they came running to the balcony to look at what just happened. My last memory was seeing the guy put his hands on his head while the girl covered her mouth. Last thing I ever heard was a loud bang on the floor and everything faded out until all I saw was darkness.

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond And This Is My Obsession.

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond And This Is My Story.


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