It Went in Little Ways


The Fickle Heartbeat

It Went in Little Ways

Shared by kellycmurray103.

She was waiting to meet him at their usual spot. A “no frills” restaurant they had often frequented throughout their relationship. She was anxious, biting her nails then forcing herself to stop, only to repeat the annoying habit once more. She kept asking herself, why am I so nervous? This is just like any other lunch date we have had. But in the deepest recesses of her heart, in the burning inferno within her soul, she knew this was not the truth. Something was different. Something was wrong.

He had been acting strangely, differently, the last couple of weeks, maybe it was the last couple of months; she couldn’t pinpoint the exact beginning – the beginning of the end. But like most women who seem to possess a natural intuition about people, especially men, she knew, with absolute certainty, that it was over.

Men, to…

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