I Tried

It was on a chilly day

The wind blowing the leaves away

You can feel the breeze as they float astray

Showing that no moment in life has to be delayed

The winds can blow but I’d still bow down and pray

Because only he deserves the praise

They sky changed from blue to grey

Then I knew this was no play

Some moments just have to be embraced

Too much tears and pain

All went to waste because there was nothing to gain

Filled with ties and knots

I guess I just wasted your time

A penny for my thoughts

I deserved a dime

Who am i to say what’s true

I never said I was right

Guess I never knew it’s not worth the fight

Thinking about before

Don’t know who I was could have closed the door

And never been an “us”

You said you would stay

You promised you could

But you chose to walk away

I knew you would

Everything was fine

Said we’d never part

I knew it was a line

But I gave you my heart

I’ll take the blame I’ve always known

I played your game you lost alone

I know you know

There’s more to give

You were a stepping stone

I have a life to live

Hard to love
Weird to trust
Acting typical
Thinking it was lust

Credit goes out to Katleho “KayTee” Mofokeng for writing this great piece.

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond And This Is My Story.


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