The Love Of My Life

I’ve been having some deep thoughts about us recently. I find myself amused when I reminisce about the things we’ve been through. Yes some moments are agonizing but all in all they made me very strong. Me and you actually have come a long way. Let me take you back:

•I had my 1st fist fight while I was learning to love you, because they wanted to treat you badly while there are people like me who are passionate about you.

•Got my scar below my right eye while I was busy chasing you. And today it serves as a mark of the sacrifices I have made for you.

•My mom beat my ass multiple times when I came home late but that never stopped me from seeing you. Even after the beatings I was still going out to see you. Her beatings were like a way of pushing me to see you more.

•My 11th birthday was just the best. Even though the present was cheap but it meant a lot to me. I got a pair of shoes to really strengthen the love I have for you.

•I still got posters on my bedroom’s wall like a 12 year old. I have love for you spread all over my entire bedroom wall. You really don’t understand how much you mean to me. Do you?

•Made so many friends some became family and some became enemies along the way. All because of the love I have for you.

•You took me places I never thought existed, amazing places where I never thought I’ll visit as a kid. You really showed me your side of the world and I really enjoyed it.

•I almost got killed ka lebaka la hao wena sefebe towe but still here I am running after your ass.

•Bitch I even quit my tertiary studies not because of you but FOR YOU. Just so I could be with you and spend all the time I had with you.

•You showed me many characters as I went to different places searching for your riches, both good and bad.

•Dated HOT ass girls because of you. HOT is even an understatement, super-hot chicks might just say what type of girls you brought forward for me.

•Many of my relationships didn’t work because of you. But I never thought you were the culprit back then because I thought they were jealous of us. I just thought they envied what me and you had.

•Yoh you made me fuck a lot of bitches too

•Broke my heart a couple of times but I never left you. Wanna know why, all because you the only one that really understood me and the only one that was closest to my heart.

•See the thing is I haven’t achieved much ever since you came in my life because I gave all my attention, energy and hard work to you. And you still don’t understand how much I love you? See the thing is I believe in you, I believe in us but the main question still remains:

DO YOU BELIEVE IN ME TOO or you just fucking around with me?

I am in love with you but now that there are bigger things coming in my life I don’t know whether we should split or not because we’ve been through hell and back. I’ve had great moments with you. I have memories we created that I will treasure forever. You taught me so much about life:

That it ain’t always fair

That sometimes some risks are not worth taking

That I should be on top of my game to succeed

That sometimes you have to go an extra kilometer so that I can get where I want to be.

Football you have been with me for so long and I still got love for you. All I am asking is please I am begging you:

Show me you care too before its too late.

Original story by Moeketsi “Kitz Buttowski” Lichakane

Edited and revised by Itumeleng “Chriztopher Raymond” Moroke.

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond And This Is My Story.


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