Everybody Feels A Pain



Unpredictable how life is, so are emotions.

Through all the excitement, joy and happiness.

There’s always a pain to arrive, as if there is a scar impossible to mend right on the middle centre of heart.

It erupts like a volcano.

You never know when it shall come, you never know what to do when it has struck you down and you feel hopeless.

Away your happiness fades.

Down there your hope despairs.

Right there you cry.

There’s a time when you feel a mysterious pain and your cute heart is scattered like snow dew.

You then ask for a saint to paint all the pain away.

Being alone is what you prefer.

Distorted is what you referred to, you feel like a part of you is moving away from you hopelessly.

You feel like the whole of you is torn into a million pieces.

And goodbye your happiness kisses.




Written by Manana Refiloe Setsetse


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