It All Comes Down To Love

As life may have its ups and downs, people come in to your life for a purpose, some are just a lesson. As an individual, you deserve to be loved but it all depends on self-love first. There are hearts I have shattered along this journey called life, some I hurt with an intention, some I hurt unaware. I am one of those young men who do not believe in peer pressure but in every person’s life there comes a point where you have to choose between right and wrong, good and bad friends, those who are worthy of being in your life and mostly regarded as “family” or “family friends”, so they call it.

There was a girl that I once loved pity enough she didn’t love me back. A wound occurred in my heart, pain brought me down, emotional decisions took over my life, retarded choices took place, and breaking hearts was but nothing, I won’t blame myself; teenage hormones were having the best of me. Growing up is not as easy as it looks, life is what you make it, either it builds you or it demolishes you. I have loved, I have been loved, well, sometimes. Love is not blind, it is rare to find, true love that is.
Some relationships are bound to teach you a lesson or LESSONS. A girl loved me, in fact she still loves me but guess what, but it’s hard to believe who loves me and who loves me not. Those are just words, words that can cut deeper than a sharp blade. But hey, I’m just a kid who knows nothing about love, who does not know what love is. Does it even exist or it is just a myth? I took advantage of the loving ex I have/had.

She still tells me that she loves me, I know she does, but my heart is just not there anymore. Moving on has always been an easy thing when coming to my life, I quickly delete the opposition, the past is where I was, the present is where I am at the moment, the future is what I choose to conquer and looking back will just hold me back. I did look back a lot of times but look at me now, confusion, denial is messing my head up but those are just words, they cut deeper than a sharp blade.

Patiently evaluate your life, never be double minded but do think twice before taking a decision, as I said earlier on, decision either break you or build you.


I’m Katleho “KayTee” Mofokeng and this is my story, painting vivid pictures with words.


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