My Feelings

We were actually not ready
Broke up to make up
Fighting repeatedly
But what is there to fight for??
My heart is rotten….
He broke what’s left of my heart
We ran out of reasons why we’re still together
I always felt like the “rebound”,but still he’s all I ever think about and all I ever wanted
He’s feelings for me faded away but mine stayed the same
He broke my heart more than a million times and yet I still end up forgiving him over and over again
If I had one wish,I’d wish to be with him but what’s the use?
I felt anyway used
So lonely and confused
My friends told me “Nay move on” but I refused
Telling everybody how much I love him but was never proved
Thought our love was real
But who am I??
Just a young girl obsessing with someone that will never be mine
Hahaha the things you would do for “puppy love”
That one ex Ill never forget
My heart is aching I’m medicated
I tried meditating
But nothing works I don’t even feel sedated
I wish he could feel what I feel for one second
Treated me bad from time to time
But I guess love made me blind
I think I’m still in denial
The fact that he ignored me so many times made me realize that without him Ill be fine
I feel like drinking my life away
Got me so damn afraid of falling in love
I hate him
I wish I never met him
What was I thinking???
I thought you’ll stick around FOREVER!!!
Sometimes people are meant to fall in love but not meant to be together….
I don’t wanna say goodbye but sometimes things just don’t go as we like…

Wrote by:Vaughnay “NayQ” Hlahane


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