My #2K14

Not everything will go the way you planned.

You stumble & fall but the best way is to get up and run again. I wasn’t too focused on my school work this year because I was just not in the right mind-set and that cost me a lot. But I’m glad that I have friends that keep me motivated and encouraged me to keep my head up and not be another drop out and I’m grateful for that.

This year alone I lost a few friends, not because of grudges or brawls but because the circle of trust just had to be smaller. Some guys just don’t appreciate you as a person and the work you striving to do. I cant be hanging around with guys that are not on the same level of thinking as I am. I want people that challenge my thoughts and way of thinking.

I done fell in and out of love broke a few hearts and got mine broken. Met my ex girlfriends and made friends with them except for one. I hate her. I thought I found someone I love but things didn’t go as planned. Went to the next and man that bit… Bitter girl is playing wit my mind. But glad I’m good with the one I have now, love sweet as her name.

Spend a lot time with those close to you because you will never know when you will lose them. I lost a longtime friend and my aunt in just a space of 2 weeks, that was just too much to handle.


All in all I just want this year to end go in to the next year then start all over. Everything that I did wrong this year I make right next year.



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