My Cougar (Part. 1)

The streets were buzzing. People singing and dancing, music playing from everywhere. Traffic going insane. People had drove, flew and came from all over the country to the center of it all for the Macufe week.

Well me, I was at my happiest I was going to feel the vibe around this event and for the first time I’m going to be in the same city where its happening. My roommates organized tickets for the final game a few days before so that money isn’t wasted on other things. I had lived with those guys for only two weeks and we were really getting along pretty well.
On the weekend that was to wrap the even up we decided to go out and have a couple of drinks and maybe if we lucky we will bring some girls home. So we went to a nearby club to get it on. When we arrived at that place it was pretty obvious that it was more women than men up in there, so the chance of bringing one home had increased and the night was about to get way better than we expected. So we bought a couple of drinks and sat down just so we could see which girls are we going to be hitting on. The people I was rolling with had already had a few shots and some beer before we left for this club (I wasn’t around) they used the saying
“I suggest we drink before we go out drinking”
In was the only one that was sober well I can’t say the same about the people I was rolling with, they started hitting the dance floor and danced with some girls. They kept calling me to come to the dance floor and get it on but I wasn’t in the same state as them. I was still looking out for that one chick I wouldn’t be scared or surprised with waking up to the next morning and while I was busy doing that and my roommates were busy making a fool of themselves on the dance floor I was struck by this particular lady that suddenly walked into the club.
You do realize that I used the term “lady” instead of “woman” or “girl” to describe this extraordinary female specie. She walked to the bar, got a drink and sat there alone, when guys approached her she didn’t give them a chance or the satisfaction to let them talk to her. Looking at that scene was just like the feeling you have when you are sober but you are surrounded by drunk people. Yea not so nice ay? I know.
With a lot of guys losing out I decided imma approach the lady in a skilled way, the only way “Jafeta Zwane” knows how to. So I walked up to her and asked her nicely if I could sit with her, she looked at me and looked away and I figured I would take that as a yes. I tried making conversation with her but she wasn’t buying into it. I was consistent, cracked a few whack jokes and when I saw that she still wasn’t interested I did one thing that I knew was going to get her attention. I was sitting right beside her and I just went all silent. I was just looking at the manner in which she was dressed.
She had this nice number on her, it held her tightly like a bear hug. And it just showed every curve on her body, the stilettos’ she had on made sure that the shape of her body was presented. Long model legs which made me see my tall dancing body in between them. While I was still admiring the beauty I didn’t realize that I had this “I wanna eat you” expression on my face. And I didn’t realize that she was looking at me waiting on me to say something again. My eyes went from the legs to the pair of twins I could hear screaming my name and just before I went up to her face I felt a gentle hand slowly picking my head up. And it was her, she wanted to make sure I look her in the face. Only now did I have her attention. The small conversation went like this:
Her: “You like what you see?”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Her:” You look like you wanna eat me alive”
Me:” Trust me if I could I would”
Her: *laughs* “Hello to you too”
Me:” So you came out here alone?”
Her: “You with me now so I guess I’m not alone for the night”

Okay, let’s just pause here for a minute and really think about what’s about to happen. I mean it’s more like “Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but you my man now. So let’s drink maybe” Anyway…

She introduces herself as Mamello to me and yes I tell her who I am before I join her as she stands to give me a hug. I look over the table I was sitting and the guys I came with seriously needed to get a room they were all over those girls, poor children. I laughed a bit and Mamello asks what’s funny, I tell her I came with those guys and now they already drunk. I’m half past sober by the way. She offers to buy me booze I didn’t say no I was taught to never say no to a lady (unless you have to). So we talked and talked and talked while we were having drinks and everything was going great. My roomies left with those girls to finish off the party at the flat and I was just enjoying the company I was having despite the fact that I was really jealous that they were gone get laid and maybe I wasn’t. While that thought hit my mind she asked if I wanna go somewhere else quiet so we could talk more. First thing that came to my mind was that I’m her bitch. C’mon don’t you see it? She bought me drinks and now she wants to go talk somewhere quiet, those are all tactics that guys in clubs use on girls. I don’t like where this is going but hey it’s not every day that you get picked up by a girl in the club.

We walk outside the club and she holds my hand and looks me in the eye. Felt stupid and weak at that time, this here lady was taller than me. I hate it when someone is taller than me especially if that person is a woman. Those shoes were giving her height advantage I felt so short. You could see that she was planning to do something but it looked like she was a bit scared so she pulled me close and she introduced her lips to mine. I was surprised that happened since I been waiting all night for it. Let’s get something clear here, she kept buying me drinks so for every three I had she had one so you understand who was drinking more than the other.
We walked a bit before she took out her car keys to what seemed to be a brand new white BMW X6. Then it hit me that she wasn’t having a lot to drink coz she drives and she might not be as young as she looks and finally I done found me a cougar or should I say a sugar mommy. Hopped in the car and she drove to this other spot in the hood, it was packed to the max and it was just the kind of vibe I was looking for. Women all over looking fine, I was tempted to go “loco” but I was taken (I guess) for the night. We turned up for a while until she decided that the turn up was enough for the night and we should go sleep. She was literally begging me to go sleep and I hate it when people beg. So for the sake of argument and to return those tears that wanna come out, I agreed. On the way we stopped at a drive thru to get something to eat and then we went to her place which was huge, you had to make a lot of money to live in a house like that. So I asked:

“Whose house is this?”
“Mine, why you ask?” She replied.
“No I’m just curious” I said
“You talk too much come eat.” she said.
While we were having take aways she started stripping telling me that the food is making her hot.
Ever had your jaw dropped so bad your drool reached the ground surface before you realised it dropped? Yeah me too.
She asked me to come help her with the zip on her dress which was stuck and so I did. I held her from behind and kissed her neck. She turned around kissed me and asked me to take her dress off. I was seriously under pressure coz I been looking at her ever since she been drivin and if I had to take her now it would be a 20 second round and I’d be knocked out plus I was hard already. I took her dress off and her vanilla body was about to meet this chocolate. We started kissing right on the spot and wanted to take each other right then and there. She took off my t-shirt as she was laying on the table. I was ready to get on top of her when she asked me to stop, I asked if I did anything wrong and she said no, I asked her what’s wrong and she told me girl’s favorite lines
“It’s nothing, I’m fine”
I didn’t believe her so I asked her what’s up, she told me we should go finish this in her room. I got off and pulled her towards me. She stood up and she was shying away from looking at me in the eye. Reminded me of this first time experience I had with this other girl, too scared, too shy and seriously afraid of pain. But that’s another story. I kissed her forehead and I assured her that I wouldn’t hurt her or make her feel less comfortable than she should be. I promised to take good care of her for the night. She looked up and said “You are just amazing. Come let’s go”

I asked for the bathroom where I pulled out a quick one with Beyoncé [my left hand] before I was seen as weak. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was really messed up. The alcohol sure did its job. As I didn’t know where her room was I called her out and she showed up on one door fully naked. She walked towards me and we started kissing and what happened after that was Geography.

I woke up the next morning with that bad liquor breath only to find her looking at me straight and the eye.
She said “Morning sleepyhead”
I didn’t know whether to say some stupid or just smile and greet back. The second option sounded great so:
I said “Morning you”
“Want some to eat?” She asked
“Yea sure” I replied.
She looked at me and started kissing me and before you know it we were back at it again. After that quickie she asked me to get dressed and meet her in the kitchen. For a moment it didn’t feel weird that I was dating someone who was older than me. Yea I know she looked 22 but she was older than that. It almost felt like we have been together forever. I mean we understood each other and it was more like young love. Well I got outta bed got dressed and as I was about to check my phone I saw something next to it. It was her drivers license, so now I can tell how old she was. It said 82-06-14 which made her old enough to be my sister can’t say mom coz then it would mean she had me as a teenager.
As much as what I just saw was troubling me i just kept calm and pretended as if I saw nothing. Read messages from roomies and just didn’t reply but they were really funny to read, both of them are Xhosa and they tried to text me in Sotho, funniest things in life are free. Love it when they try hard.

On my way to the kitchen I was walking in the corridor when I saw some things I didn’t see last night. It was pictures of her graduating, then I saw something disturbing, it was a picture of her wedding day. The bride which I just slept with was with the groom which I don’t know and next to that picture there was a picture of this cute little kid she looked 6 or 7 I don’t know. So I just slept with a married woman who has a child. I don’t know if I should continue with this anymore. So I was stuck in the middle it was whether I come up with an excuse to leave or I just pretend as if I saw nothing. While I was still hung up on what I just saw and my decision I heard her call me for breakfast.


To Be Continued…


My Name Is Chriz Raymond And This Is My Story. Let The Words Spray!!


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