I Failed You…

I’m sorry that my definition of love was quite different from yours

I’m sorry that my language of love was a kiss on the lips and yours were just a touch on the hips

Im sorry that love couldn’t take us through the journey of our imagined destiny

I’m sorry that my heart was never whole thus you couldn’t break it

Im sorry that I gave you what I thought was more than love

Im sorry for wrapping your naked skin with “love” and sprinkling “joy” all over it,at least what I thought was love and joy!

Im sorry that my inner beauty was not enough for you to notice that you made it beautiful

Im sorry that my jeans were not tight enough and that my definition of beauty was not through my “ravishing” legs

Im sorry my smile meant less than a mere spoon of glucose

Im sorry for giving you more than enough time,enough time for you to defeat the little spirit of hope in me that someday I will be able to love again whole heartedly

I could have been your apple of the tree,
Your perennial river of glee,

Your un-amountable extravagant one of a kind bee.

Im sorry that I was trying to be me ironically I saw me drowning in the ideal of being the perfect significant one

But most of all I’m sorry for not realising before several moons and uncountable stars that were we not compatible.

It is engraved in our separate hearts that I will always love you more than you love the creature you see in the mirror.



Written By: Manana Refiloe Setsetse

My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond And This Is Broken Silence.


Let The Words Spray!!



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