My Cougar (Part 2)

During breakfast we had that civil conversation not that drunk talk or I just wanna sex you right now talk, thou we were thinking of staying in the whole day to make love to each other. The questions were now starting to get on a level I wasn’t quite comfortable with. She asked me about where I’m from, what I study, do I have a girlfriend and how often do I go out partying. She was starting to sound like the adult woman she is. She told me about herself where she was raised and where she studied till she got to where she was. Funny enough the marriage didn’t come up but I kept calm about it I didn’t wanna cause a stir or say something’s I’ll probably regret but things like these don’t normally happen to me so I was all chilled about it. We started feeding each other and before you know it we were kissing and we hit it off on the kitchen counter. It was just the best sex I had, not in a long time but ever. She was flexible and open minded just like a new girlfriend who was eager to do new positions, it was just amazing. From the kitchen counter to the bed, then we hit the shower and headed back to the bed again. Enjoyed every single moment I was with her, she made me forget all the things that were bothering me at the time and just being there with her was enough.

After a heavy session of love making I had to go to my place so my roomies know I’m good plus I had to change clothes. Soon as I told her I wanna head over to my flat and switch clothes I had fired a missile over the most dangerous army base. She didn’t want me to leave, I stayed 5 minutes after 5 minutes until these 5 minutes turned into 5 minutes more or 5 minutes longer. After a while she asked that I hit it again before I left, which I did and then only was I allowed to leave. She quickly changed and then she took her car keys. When we arrived last night she just parked her car in front of the double garage one other thing that made me believe that she had a husband but hey she had no wedding ring on so I was safe for the day. We went to the garage side and I thought we were gonna be leaving with the same car as yesterday but that wasn’t the case she opened the garage and what I saw was just too beastly and just outta this world. I was kinds happy because today what’s taking me to my flat is a Silver Grey Mercedes Benz C63 AMG. In the back of my mind I was like “This cant be hers.” Which other woman you know rolls in a car like that? Mostly its guys who are into those machines. Out of curiosity I asked “Is this yours?” she laughed at me and said “Are you gone seriously question everything I own? Of course it is mine” I was astonished. Anyway as we arrived at my flat she looked at me and started to say some weird stuff she said:

“I want you to promise me something”

“What is that?” I asked.

“That whatever happened last night and this morning stays between us” she said

“Yea sure, I won’t mention it to anyone.” I replied

“I love you, don’t forget that” she said before she kissed me.

I was at a loss for words but I eventually replied “I love you more Mamello”

After that emotional moment we just had we exchanged numbers and she told me she will call me later on.

And you still have to wonder why I felt like a bitch? Look she bought me drinks, slept with me, gave me food and drove me home and now she tells me she’ll call later. If you still not following why I just said what I said now then you obviously need to update your vocabulary.

So I went into my flat and I found the guys hungover and they still had those chicks with them. Couldn’t my day get any better.

We have that “How she looks before 6 beers” which every guy doesn’t go for until they are drunk. Quoting JR’s exact words on “Toast” by Dj Dimplez:

“A couple of shots later she starts to look like Beyoncé”

So you get the picture neh? Sweet.

Those girls were not as beautiful as they were last night. And you could see it in the guy’s eyes that they were not happy at all with what they have picked up. But guess they were happy that they hit it. They ask me where I’ve been the whole night and my response was simple and straight to the point in a lying way it was almost like it was my parents asking me where I come from. I said “I met up with this other guy I’m in class with and we headed to his crib where I found a lady of the night.” With that being said I went straight to the bathroom and had a bath. I know I had a shower before I left Mamello’s place but I just needed this time to reflect on the thing that happened the previous night and during the course of the day.


To Be Continued…


My Name Is Chriztopher Raymond And This Is My Story


Let The Words Spray!!


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