My Cougar (Part. 3)

I didn’t want to put it all to heart because it wasn’t like me and her were in a relationship or anything like that. No one had said the four letter word as of yet so I seriously was stressing over something that didn’t even exist. While I was chilling in the bath I took my phone scrolled over to her name and I was just looking at it for a while, wondering whether I should call her or just let her be. I didn’t wanna sound annoying but at the same time I didn’t wanna seem like I don’t care about her feelings. I mean we just had a crazy night and I not calling her back as soon as we departed would mean that I wasn’t just into her I got what I wanted and now I’m good with her.

While these thoughts ran through my mind my phone started vibrating and her name showed up on my caller id. I picked up and this is how our conversation went:

Me: “Hey, I was just thinking about you”

Her: “Hi, why are you reading my mind I’m the one who was about to say that”

Me: *laughing* “Okay let’s start over” *clears throat* “Hey how are, you?”

Her: “You are such a bore. Anyway I’m okay thanks I’m just missing you that’s all”

Me: “I miss you too. What you up to?”

Her: “I’m just here lying on the couch… naked, touching myself while thinking about you. What you up to?”

At that very moment I went hard while I was listening to her voice vibrating in what sounded like the gasp you hear when you first slide it in.

Me: “Uhm… Well I just finished having a bath and I’m thinking of lying down a bit. Plus you had me pulling an all-nighter now my body is in pain. I feel like a massage.”

Her: *laughing* “Come and I will give you a massage and maybe you will get even more than that”

Me: “And what does more than that entail”

Her: “Why don’t you come and you will find out”

Me: “I hate surprises but you are on”
Her: “Yay, so can I come pick you up in say 20 minutes? Please I really miss you”

In the back of my mind I’m thinking “What did I do to this woman that has her hooked on me so much?” I smiled and thought to myself “I guess we will never know” so I said

 “Err… Yea sure why not” you could tell by the tone in her voice that she was happy. She said “Let me go get dressed and I’ll see you in a few minutes. Bye” And she hung up. I got out of the bath and I just wore the pants I had on yesterday, walked out of the bathroom forgetting that the people I live with had company around and it was quite steamy as they were back in the sheets, meaning that I won’t be able to lotion my body and get dressed. So I just took some clothes and went back to the bathroom.

After I got dressed I sat down and decided to do a background check on this lady and what I found on the internet was quite amazing. She was the district head of a Health Department in a province that’s most ignored in the country. Young as she was she really had done a lot for herself to reach the stage that she was in and to think that she was coming to pick me up. Man forget about being sick I have someone to take care of me. I went back to the room to find people making out and others hitting it off. I was like “Ahh guys come on get a room. Oh wait you are in a room. Okay bye.” And I took a bag with my toiletries and some clothes because I wanted to sleep over then I left, either those guys were still drunk or they hardly get lucky with beautiful chicks so they made the most of the time they had with those grenades but hey who am I to judge. Like they say

“Love is in the eyes of a beholder” or is it “beer holder”? anyway the lady calls just when I was on my way downstairs and asks me to meet her outside the building. When I went out I found her standing outside her BMW and in my head I was like “Dreams money can buy.” I looked at her and I realized that she wasn’t the same person she was yesterday or earlier on when we departed. She looked, different. I mean it was like in just a space of a few hours she went from looking as fly as she was being flyer.

She had on these other black & white striped leggings that were really fitting on her. Curves stood out and her ass was just out there crying for me to come spank it. I mean there’s a saying that goes:

“A spank is a one handed round of applause in honor of a fine ass” if you know what I mean.

The t-shirt she had on was not her size it was like a girl wearing her man’s t-shirt and it just looked great on her. Her face even looked much lighter. I’m not really a fan of women who do make up but there’s just something about one that puts it on perfectly and it compliments her style and the color of her skin. I was just standing there outside the main door of the building and she hadn’t realized that I was looking at her. Cars that passed by were hooting, guys in shops nearby were on the inside looking out, guys that were passing by were trying to hit on her and I was just there looking at this beautiful thing that the Almighty has provided me with. As soon as she realized that I was there looking she walked towards me from the other side of the road and oh did she have that model swag in her walk. As she was getting closer I approached her and we kissed a bit while saying our hellos, it was just too epic. You could sense the jealousy in the air but I really didn’t care.
We headed out to the mall to get something to eat. It was just too godly, we were walking around the mall hands intact and it was the feeling of new love. The flame of love was just burning too high, I think it’s safe to say that things were moving at a fast pace and that in most cases is not good. We hit the restaurant and got settled, had drinks while we waited on our food and we really had a blast. My highlight of that moment was when we really had to talk about what we were doing and what do we really expect from each other.

To Be Continued…


My Name Is Chriz Raymond And This Is My Story.


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