Sometimes A Good Girl Is A Bad Girl That’s Never Been Caught.

As a guy, I have believe that, behind every act, there’s a valid reason behind it, then again, what’s a good girl? I have an answer, simply a good girl that’s never been caught. Hope you agree with me on this one.

I have a philosophy that every bad girl, or the ones we call bicthes, they also need the taste of feeling of love and care that they so emontionally scared to invest in. This is Neo Mduduzi, and this is my story.
I have always had a thing for really yellow girls with long hair, good dress up swag and good personality, must have her own stuff…yep, that’s what every guy dreams of having. So after so many months I’ve been single, was on a path on just giving up on dating and being inlove again, there was this beautiful girl that I kept seeing at church where I sat the whole time, she was coloured, dressed up nice, she looked pretty independant, in my head was thinking, damn, she hot, if I can sit next to her next time ama ask for her tens, and if I see her next time, that would be the sign from the universe for me to go for it.
Well, unfortunately the following Sunday, I didn’t see her, the next and following that one… I was on the edge of giving up, until this other sunday, I sat where she normaly seats, and by coincidence, she came and she sat next to me, at first I didn’t see her as I was in my own zone of mind when we busy praising and worshiping.
When it was time for us to sit down, when I looked on my left, there she was, but this time her hair was different, I wasn’t sure whether it was her or what, as we sat down, I never carry bibles to church as they always show the verses on large screens, I took out my smart phone to take notes, she took out her diary, and she started writting.
I started teasing her with her bad writting, she just smiled and laughed a bit, she kept her focus on the pastor while I was focus on her busy reading and analysing her from top to bottom. So now I like making dirty jokes, so I made a dirty joke with what the pastor said there, she was laughing, she looked relaxed and ready to talk, and now I was ready to ask for her numbers.

By the time when the church was done, I took the gut to ask for her numbers, I’m normally scared of rejection hey, but she didn’t really refuse, she was like “I don’t normaly give strangers my numbers, but today ill make that exception”. I’ve never been so happy in ma life, I never listened to what she said next, in my head was like, I’ll get you on whatsapp girl, my other head was praying that they correct numbers. Well, there’s a rule about the waiting period, I wannet to apply it, wannet to wait 3 days before I whatsapped her, and I did. Well, she wasn’t rude or anything, and I asked that we meet, funny enough she didn’t even try and play hard to get like these other girls do, well I thought this is my luck, she came the very same day and same time I asked her.
You know when you good, your good, no lies, when she picthed, we took a walk and tried getting to know each other, it was laughter and smiles always, until she gave me the look, the kiss me look, well I don’t want to sound to cliché but I promise you it was that look. So me, as a real nigga, representing all the real niggas out there in the world, I went for it. And damn, it was a very soft, juicy kiss, I went for the second and third, she said keep them coming brother. In the back of my head, I’m saying,”My drought days are over, God has answered my prayers”. Well after those kisses kinda felt like we were dating, she talked about coming again, so I was dry man, like yeah why not, so I invited her for a young movie, of which we didn’t end up finishing, by the time when the movie was almost done, I already stripped her naked, and we were at the climax point, I was ready to put it in, she refused, she stopped me… She was like she wants to do it at her spot not at my place. Well it took me a while before I could accept it, eventually I did, and walked her out she left, normaly what I hate is girls feeling cocky after they have give a guy blue balls, so in my head I was thinking she’s probably laughing at my ass and she’s enjoying that moment. But I couldn’t shake the feeling of why was she so easy to get and yet so hot. I finally, managed to go sleep over her place, and I am proud to say I gave her the best 4, well you should understand, I was on some testo programme at the gym. In the morning I also got a young nice morning glory, when we spoke, she was like she had 2 weeks since she broke up with her bf, and she gave me the whole story, well I didn’t want to be an ass and be like, “why you telling me all of this, we not even dating”. She was hot, so I was like let me not ruin this.
Then we kept seeing each other, and I kept giving her the best of the best rounds, until it was time for us to separate and actually go home, I wished I didn’t have to leave so as she did, then she did, well… By that time she had already told me how sexual she is what not, and in my head I was thinking, so how many guys have actualy screwed her over and over, well I never judge, I believed like she would actually be a matured person and handle her self. So we did depart and went apart from each other for a month and two weeks.
It’s normal for a girls to still be attached for the 1st two weeks, and the rest just changes, well… We did have a dope connection, and I didn’t hold it against her if she went out, deep down we know what actualy happens. Well,we started talking about meeting parents what not, you know how girls are, yep… And we even dreamed of each others parents meeting, it felt right, and she was telling me how I need to loose my gangster look and swag what not. I was considering on doing it coz she had a point. Until, when I told her about our different cultures, we had disagreements and the path of my Christianity what not, so that kinda drifted us apart, but then I couldn’t shake the feeling that probably she met someone better paid than I, so I don’t normally beg, I hate it.
She woke up one day and telling me that we were moving fast, and when I actualy digged about her, she was just a bad girl that’s never been caught. Well like normal girls do, she asked for space and not to see each other, because we not dating and I never asked her, how crazy neh? was thinking to myself, so as a real nigga, was like let me not be selfish about it, I got what I wanted and I chowed her a lot, I’m good, it’s not like Imma miss her. But when she asked not to even see each other, I was broken and it’s not nice when you get dumped without a really valid reason. So yep I sang dueces, and left her.
And I was actually lying and tryna make myself feel better by saying I’m not gonna miss her. I do thou at times. Few months down the line, I asked who is she dating now, she was dating a corporate nigga and she was actually getting spoiled, the glitz and glam. But I learned my lesson, be careful of these hot girls, not that I’m trying to mess it up for others but, fantasies aren’t always true and real, and so as these fantasies girls we meet.




My Name Is Chriz Raymond And This Is #BrokenSilence. Let The Words Spray.


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