My Cougar (Part. 4)

She pointed out that she was really into me and she wishes she had met me sooner. I was flattered that she said that and I was really grateful that at that moment during our meal we knew where we stand with each other and what we are doing in taking our relationship further.

So yes, me and her were finally an item. I seriously didn’t mind because I had just went through a bad breakup and all I’ve been doing was have one night stands and friends with benefits just to recover. Truth be told I was delighted that she came or we met rather at the time we did. The setup was just too perfect. During our meal she passed me her bank card and told me her pin [big step if you ask me] implying that when the bill came I paid so that it doesn’t look awkward. I really didn’t mind but it would’ve been okay if she just passed cash and not her pin. This means that sometimes I would go out and use her card the way I wanted, I didn’t feel comfortable at all but I didn’t want to spoil the great moment we are having. The bill came and as the gentleman I am I paid and even gave out a tip, big balling. We went shopping, well she did and I just had to sit there while she was trying out some clothes. I don’t wanna lie or seem like I’m saying this for the fun of it but she literally looked great in each and every outfit. I had to convince her to take everything and model it for me as soon as we got to her place, in which she agreed. When we went to the till to pay she was really talkative. I really felt like a father paying for her teenage girls’ clothes.

She was trying to take accessories that weren’t really up to par and I was declining. She tried putting on those puppy eyes which didn’t work on me. The girl behind the till was looking at us laughing and said she should take them and even pointed out which outfits they would match out with, long story short they were ganging up on me. I wasn’t spending my money so I had to agree and give the lady what she wants and so I paid for the stuff she asked for and we headed out to a jewelry store were the lady who worked there wasn’t really taken that I would buy the lady in with something. She looked at us and said “But you guys are so young, you should be out having the time of your life not here buying expensive stones” I looked at her, laughed and told my lady we should probably be heading out and we did.

When we reached the parking lot she asked me why I didn’t go and get me something I like. Honestly, I didn’t think that she would grant me the opportunity to do so but in my defense I said “Today was all about you, lets save that for when my day comes, okay?” She looked at me with this beautiful Colgate smile, kissed me and said “And that is why I love you. You the best.” We got in the car and left.

We got to her place where she seemed off. She wasn’t the same person that she was at the mall and she was really quiet on the ride to her place. I took the liberty to ask her what was wrong, she looked at me, faked a smile and said “Nothing babe, I’ll just go and put these on for you.” Kissed me on the cheek and walked off, I held her hand and pulled her towards me and when I did that she quickly jumped as if she thought I was going to hit her. I pulled her close to me and held her head close to my chest and brushed her hair assuring her that I would do nothing of the sort. When I pulled her back to look her in the face she was teary so I sat her down on the couch to try and understand why she was the way she was. This is when she finally opened up to me. She told me something’s that I never thought would happen to her. She was just too emotional and when a woman I’m with ends up in that place I just feel helpless and weak. Our conversation was rather emotional and teary if I should add.

It was a moment of silence as her head was placed on my chest, and after a while she started speaking but what she said first is what puzzled me. She said “Promise me you won’t leave me after I tell you all this?” and I promised partly because I wasn’t planning to leave her and mostly because I wanted to hear what she had to say and this is her story.


To Be Continued…


My Name Is Chriz Raymond And This Is My Story.



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