My Cougar [Part. 6]

I just sat with this woman for over an hour quietly listening to her story and she just went through a lot. I told her I loved her and I wasn’t going to hurt her, she has felt too much pain for me to bring more to her heart. After I said all that I saw her glowing and finally a smile came from her face. She said “Enough with the sad stories and the emotions let me go try these new clothes for my man and maybe he can help me” we laughed and at that moment she didn’t go straight to try those clothes on, we actually started kissing for a while. I took off her shirt and she took mine off, I kissed her from her neck to her stomach before I took off her perfectly fitted leggings and went down on her. Her legs were crossed over my back as my head was deep between her thighs. I could feel her legs shake as she was moaning hard, she was pushing my head deeper between her thighs and as she did her legs were closing in tightly.

Okay now that was too explicit kids shouldn’t be reading stuff like that. Anyway…

We ended up taking each other on the couch before we went down to the floor. We went on for an hour or so until she decided to cook us something to eat. It was already getting dark outside and I just wanted to head over to the flat and check on those guys I lived with but at the same time I knew they were cool plus I didn’t wanna leave here.

While she was busy cooking I told her I was going to have a quick shower then I’ll join her afterwards.

The shower was more like a break for me to think all the things she told me through and just reflect on how the past two days have been really on point for me. So I was just there in the shower thinking about everything when suddenly I felt her creep up behind me. She said “Is everything okay?” and I said “Yea I’m cool what about you?” her response came as a bit of a surprise to me but I didn’t let it show, she said “I have the best boyfriend in the world, I seriously have nothing to complain about” she then laid her head on my shoulder and kissed my neck. “Food is ready if you’re hungry or you can always eat me” as she moved her hands on my body. I told her I’ll be out in a few minutes she can start dishing up while I get dressed. And at that very moment I felt like I was now the man of a house I don’t even own, a man to a woman I hardly know. She declined going to dish up without me there, said she would rather wait for me as I dressed then we will go eat.So I got out the shower and went to the bedroom to get dressed.

As I was getting dressed she stood on the door and stared at me, “What?” I asked “Nothing, it’s just that ever since I told you about my bad marriage you been acting really distant. What’s up with that?” she said. “Nothing is wrong babe. What you just told me is big news to me so don’t worry me and you are still great and I promise you that nothing will come between us” I said all this while approaching her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “C’mon lets go eat” I said. While we were eating I made sure that the mood returned to the way things were before she told me her story. We shared a laugh, some kisses and some great food but during all this my mind was more focused on going out and partying since that’s what I and my roommates planned for that weekend. None the less I just made sure the time we spent was more like heaven on earth. After the meal we did the dishes and turns out she always wanted to be a singer, I was washing and she was wiping and she used the cutlery as a mic to sing, as much as I wanted to go out I had to give it to her, her singing was really funny Idols Wooden Mic funny. When we were done she decided we go out and dance a bit and I was like “I have been waiting for you to say that the whole night” well I said it in my head thou, the actual words that came out were “Can’t we just stay in?” which she agreed to and then I was doomed. My heart was in a club somewhere with great music but I have just messed up the chances of us going out and I didn’t know how to retract my statement. While I thought of a way to turn that statement around she kissed me and said “You crazy we are going out, I’ll call us a maxi, go put some shoes on.” I had forgotten that I was walking around the house in my socks. So I went to get my kicks, put them on and just when I stood up I got up to a sight worth seeing. She was looking as amazing as ever and I just fell for her all over again, I was left in awe and I asked myself over and over again “How does she manage to always look so good?” then the question came, she said “Well how do I look babe?” I told her that she looks amazing and I don’t want to go out anymore I’m scared someone is going to take my woman at the club. She laughed at me and told me her friends are waiting for her at the club and the cab should be here any minute now, with that out of the way she walked towards me and started kissing me. While we were busy kissing her phone started ringing and our transport had arrived. So we left for the club.


To Be Continued…



My Name Is Chriz Raymond And This Is My Story.


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