Like I Do

I know I hurt you many times before
Now you want nothing to do with me anymore
Yes, I failed to treat you right
And the feeling isn’t nice
My heart aches when I think of your pain
Like blood on a cloth my soul has a stain
I know you think your new guy is the one
Tell me, has he told you how beautiful you are?
See babe he don’t love you like I do
He don’t touch you like I do
He don’t give that, tender, love & care like I do
He will never, make you, smile & laugh like I do
He just want what’s between them thighs
He will never treat you right
Did he say he really love you?
Well babe believe you me that boy is lying
He loves the lips, hips, ass and that kitty between your legs
He doesn’t really want to give you all his best
Now tell me
Do you go to the mall, or you there, when he only wanna fuck?
Do you take romantic walks or nale yena fela hao khapa?
He ain’t worth it coz deep down baby girl you dying
Does he hold you in his arms everytime you crying?
All I’m saying is that you deserve better, not just a guy that will make you wetter
The guy you claim to love doesn’t feel same about you
I know it might sound painful and you think im speaking out of jealousy but it’s true
You might think you over me but its cool.
He don’t love you like I do.

My Name IS Chriz Raymond And This Is #BrokenSilence


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